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i'm afraid

Posted December 21st, 2016 at 12:06 AM by Palamon

...Of yuri and viktor breaking up tomorrow in yuri on ice's finale.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about.

This guy at work is being kinda a bother to me. He is constantly pushing my buttons. Calls me pet nicknames like kid when I've told him to stop constantly. To his reply of, "well, it's a free country." I don't care? I don't like it, it's a form of affection, and I've told him to stop a billion times. He makes near sexual (suggestive) comments like I should "date" him or "I'll kiss you"/hug you, and I tell him I'm not into guys, but he continues anyway. (Not this extent, I use more of "touch me and you die" when I talk to him.)

He also is like? Rude to me, but when I'm rude back as retaliation, he's like, "you don't have to be so rude!' ...Hypocrite. No one ever says anything to you about your behavior.

And he's lunged at me, trying to attack me. Twice.

He's also used abusive language. One time he literally called me a rattata when I asked him nicely to curse? Um... screw you? And he got away with it, too. When it was time to go home at one point, he was like, get your psyducking ass up and tried to come over to probably make me get up? Gross.

Anyway, I really hate this guy.

This isn't the same guy as last time, btw.

Granted this is a work program, so... :') It's not like he'll ever stop. And he always gets away with it.
And since not everyone irl sees me as the identity I wanna perceived I'm treated completely by my birth sex by this guy. Not like that's really important, but the more you know.

Sorry for the clickbait title. Also, I'm not afraid, I'm enraged this behavior is allowed. Though, I guess I could be nicer to him. I would be if he didn't pull this muk, tbh! I'm nice until you anger me. Lbr.
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