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Welcome to the Uthingo Region

Posted November 13th, 2019 at 2:59 PM by Kung Fu Ferret

I just realized that blogs are a thing here, so I decided to post some new ideas for a Fakemon region here!

The Uthingo region is based primarily on South Africa and the countries that share its borders (Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe)

(note: Uthingo is Zulu for 'rainbow", which is a nod to South Africa's diverse culture, landscapes, and wildlife)

Professor Baobab offers new Trainers one of three adorable starter Pokemon (I don't have pics, because I suck at drawing, but trust me, they look adorable in my head)

Lycasap, the Leaf Pup Pokemon, is the Grass-type starter. The patterns on its fur help it camouflage in the wilderness. Parts of this Pokemon's ears help it with photosynthesis.

Zebroast, the Flame Foal Pokemon, is the Fire-type Starter. This Pokemon has stripes that give off heat. If its mane is hot to the touch, it means it might evolve soon.

Sprake, the Water Serpent Pokemon. It has glands in its mouth than can squirt pressurized water up to 50 feet away. Usually, this Pokemon hides near rivers.
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    Part 2

    Here are some of the Pokemon you can find early on your adventure through the Uthingo region!

    Meerkitt, the Scouting Pokemon, is a Normal-type Pokemon that is very common in Uthingo. They have a highly complex social hierarchy. Leaders of their group often send out sentry to look out for threats.

    Seckretyke, the Kick Chick Pokemon is a Flying-type Pokemon that uses its relatively long legs to subdue its prey

    Grubborb, the Worm Pokemon, is a Bug/Ground-type that hides in a ball of mud. In the dry season, it hides in the ball and waits for rain.
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