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Hey thanks for stopping by! Currently this blog is going to be the home of "Genwunner No More!" where I will be playing through all the generations and sharing the experience with you. As the name of this blog implies, I have largely stuck to RBY/FRLG. This isn't to say that I haven't played any other generations, I've actually owned all of the games from the first 3 generations, but I have consistently gone back to replay Gen I.

But not anymore. I will be playing through the generations one by one starting with Gen II. The only caveat is that I will be limited by ROM/emulator availability, meaning that I will only be able to play up through Gen V. I have decided to play the Originals of each generation (no Remakes), and have chosen the 3rd core series game of Gens II-IV (Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum), but will leave the color choice of Gen V up to a vote from the readers.

Another thing to mention is that each playthrough will be a Gymlocke (Nuzlocke variant). My party limit will be 1 more than the size of the next Gym Leader's team, and the level limit will be the next Gym Leader's highest level plus the size of their team.

Wish me luck on my journey, and stop back in to see how I'm doing from time to time.

Crystal- Playing, Badges: 3
Croconaw- Kansas, lvl 23; Noctowl- Feathers, lvl 21; Raticate- Rhodey, lvl 20; Onix- ROCKY, lvl 23; Growlithe- FirePup, lvl 16

Emerald- Not Started
Platinum- Not Started
Black/White- Not Started
Black2/White2- Not Started
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G1NM: Crystal Part 4- Our First Casualty [Entry #4]

Posted February 11th, 2017 at 6:29 AM by JaDe.X105

Hey, JaDe here! And welcome to Part 4 of Genwunner No More!

Part 3 ended with a battle in Union Cave that was too close for comfort, bringing everyone in my party down to either Orange or Red health. After that close call I decided to grind up my team a little before facing any other trainers, as well as bring my unruly Onix, Rocky, back into the party. Even if he doesn’t listen currently, he can still be a last line of defense from a White Out. While looking at my full team, I decide to check out the egg, and it looks like I’m not far from it hatching! Maybe it will hatch while I’m raising the team up to around level 15.

Also, I’m soo happy that Kansas FINALLY learned a Water-type move! I got in the zone so much about leveling up that I totally forgot that my Togepi was about to hatch! Everyone, welcome Shelly to the team! And my goodness she has a powerful list of attacks...

So I know I’m supposed to call Professor Elm when it hatches, and he is seriously bossy! I’ll head back to see him now, and train Shelly up along the way. It only took 2 levels for Shelly to learn the most variable and unpredictable attack in the game, who would trust Metronome to a level 7... And in the first use of it, I got the oddest combination of moves; Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Minimize, and Attract. Apparently that’s the best way to beat a level 3 Caterpie. After healing the Caterpie with Present, I finally get Rage and finish it off. That used up almost all of its PP, but at least Shelly’s at full health.

After traveling back through 3 cities, I reach Professor Elm’s Lab. We discuss that a Pokémon came from the Pokémon Egg, and he gives me the Everstone. If pressing ‘B’ while your Pokémon tried to evolve wasn’t enough to keep yourself at a lower power than your potential allowed, this item solves that issue. But seriously, why would I want this?

I get back to the PokéCenter outside of Union Cave, and I wonder to myself if it’s really worth keeping Shelly on my team. I don’t recall what other moves it or Togetic learn, and I don’t remember either being very powerful. My only other option though is my Zubat, Annoying. Golbat and Crobat aren’t amazing but I feel like they might be better than the Togepi evolution line. I guess I’ll choose annoying and slightly useful over weak and unmemorable. Worst case I can teach it a few HMs. I guess being on the other side of Supersonic isn’t so bad

Along the way to getting everyone (who will obey) up to level 15, Annoying was able to annoy enough Pokémon to death to learn Bite, and Rhodey learned Hyperfang. But now it’s time to get through Union Cave. I decided to have Kansas lead so that I could use Water moves on the cave Pokémon. After clearing out the first floor, it seems I’ll have to wait for Surf to explore the rest of the lower Cave floor.

Coming out of Union Cave means one thing: I can catch another Pokémon. But of course it has to be a Hoppip, just my luck. Since it’s a Cotton Weed Pokémon, I’ll name it Cottonball.

There are a couple of trainers along this route so I’ll get a little more training in. Oh boy, that was a mistake... I’m so sorry I didn’t switch you out immediately WebButt; I thought we could get away with 1 round of you attacking. Kansas will drench that pile of rocks in your honor.

I get no time to mourn WebButt though, as I run into a Rocket Grunt immediately as I enter Azalea Town. The sign says it’s the Slowpoke Well, and I remember one of the Team Rocket plots is selling Slowpoke tails, so you can bet I’ll be back. Just like this old man tells me right after I get done saying it... Alright so I head into the PokéCenter and permabox WebButt, and now I have to decide between a mostly useless cotton ball and a mostly useless shell…

I’m going to end Part 4 here in the PokéCenter. Thank you so much for reading! I’ll leave it up to readers who I should choose, tell me down in the comments who you want to see join the team. Thanks again and I’ll see you soon.
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    Love the series thus far - keep it up bud! (:
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