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User dashboard redesign skeleton for fun.

Posted February 21st, 2015 at 7:45 PM by Nick

Just posted this in the style studio. Thought I'd post it here too.

I've been putting together little pieces of the forum while I was bored as redesigns compared to what they are now. All of them are unfinished. Most recently, I've put together the user dashboard home. I put together using what was intended to be my next style's main header slider image as a banner, the bar thing Gavin and Jake made, and what I thought would look nice as a user dashboard home. There's no content, like the notepad, infractions, subscriptions, and likes shown. I just wanted to share when I got the colors and the parts I wanted positioned nicely.


Is what would show up if you go to: http://pokecommunity.com/usercp.php
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