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ORAS Leijon Run #1: A New Beginning [LW#2][ORAS#1]

Posted January 7th, 2015 at 11:32 PM by Salzorrah

The New Blog Craze!

Welcome to the first entry of the ORAS Leijon Run! I'm once again, Leijon and today, we are delving back into the roots of the Hoenn Region, in a new flavor! Join our protagonist into discovering the secrets hidden in the region, while she teams up with her wonderful Pokemon in battling every Trainer in Hoenn!

We would like to note that for those who wished not to be spoiled from the game, this is as far as you can go. As I won't be putting spoilers on the story, you may leave the blog entry now. For those who know the game, I encourage you to read on, as this playthrough will be told in a diary format!
Again, to reiterate;

[simple-spoil=Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]You have been warned.[/simple-spoil]

Without further ado, here is the first entry of our story!

The Start of Winter 2014
Dear Diary, My name's May! I'm just a simple girl who lived in Johto for almost all my life. I love Pokemon to bits, and really wished to have one of my own. I did plan to start my journey in my home region, but my dad got a job as a Gym Leader in Hoenn, so my family were forced to move there. So much for my plan right? Who knows, maybe I could start my journey here instead? I heard that Hoenn is a majestic place filled with exotic Pokemon that I've never seen in Johto or in Kanto for that matter. I remember that last year, one of my distant cousins, named Shay, became the Kalos Pokemon Champion. I was pretty happy when we heard the news, and when we got to see each other in a call, she said that I was going to be next or something. I really did not get what she said but who knows?

So we were on the next truck to Littleroot Town. My dad got me a sweet PokeNav Plus before we left Johto and I am just playing some Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on it at the back of the moving truck.

When we got to Littleroot, I leaped out of the truck and saw my mom. Finally, I can breathe again. She showed me the new house, and my new room. Dad even gave me a new clock to celebrate the new move. I checked my room out, which looked very sweet, and just set the clock.

Mom called me over, when I got down, and watched the news, where my dad was apparently featured. Unfortunately, we missed it.

I went outside to see Littleroot, and wow. It's pretty different from the scene I'm used to back in Johto. The sun was shining, Tailows tweeting in the distance, and the air crisp and tropical. A perfect day to travel, if I say so myself.

I went to the neighbor's house, and introduced myself. This is also the time I first met Brendan. He's actually pretty cool, helping his dad, the professor, with his study, and to be honest, he's actually kinda cute :3

I went outside, seeing as the professor wasn't there, and went out to the next route.

Someone was screaming for help when I got there, and I reacted.

The man was apparently getting chased by a Poochyena, and he needed my help. I rummaged his bag looking for a Pokemon, and there were three. I had to react quickly, so I chose the one on the right. Who knew that this choice would change me.

I called forth the Pokemon out to battle, and turns out, it was a Mudkip! By the looks of it, he's a male, not sure why, to be frank. I battled the Poochyena, and like a snap of a finger, the battle was over.

I helped the man out of the predicament and turns out, it was Professor Birch! He sent me back to the lab to talk, and gave me Mudkip as my first Pokemon. I was ecstatic to get my own Pokemon.

After that, it was pretty much fast paced, battled my first wild battle with a Wurmple, got some sweet Potions from Oldale Town, went to the Pokemon Center and Poke Mart for the first time in Hoenn, battled Brendan and his Treecko, got my Pokedex from Professor Birch, said goodbye to Mom, and left Littleroot Town.

As I was nearing Oldale Town, Brendan called me forth, and saw a Pokemon hiding in the grass. I crept up closer, and a Poochyena appeared. I called out Mudkip and I'm surprised to see Poochyena attacking with Fire Fang, a move not normally learned by a Pokemon in the wild, I had set my eyes on catching it. I threw my Pokeball, and by three dings, Poochyena was mine. I also realized Poochyena was a girl and that just made me happy :)

After that, I travelled from Oldale Town to Petalburg City, training my Pokemon up, and by the time I knew it, I was there.

I went inside the Pokemon Center and there was a delivery girl, saying that I have a gift from someone named Steven. Wait, why am I getting a gift from someone who I don't even know? Apparently that gift was a Shiny Beldum. I couldn't believe it, seeing a Shiny, up close, it was beautiful.

After that, I went to my dad's gym, had a conversation, met this cool guy named Wally, helped him get his own Pokemon, and my dad told me to go to Rustboro City. He said that it's the nearest gym from here, and that he will battle me when I'm ready.

After that, it was a faze, getting lost in Petalburg Woods, trained my Pokemon up, helped this guy out from saving the goods he was carrying from some organization named Team Aqua, finally got out, and just like that, I was in Rustboro.

My Pokemon were pretty underleved, so what I did was roam around the city, and grinded on the next route over.

Then, in one battle, my Mudkip glowed white. I was surprised and excited. He was going to evolve. As the light faded away, he was a Marshtomp now. I couldn't believe it.

After another grinding session, I came across a female Nincada who had Bug Buzz, another rare move. It didn't took a while before I caught her as my 4th Pokemon.

I decided for this team, I'm gonna send my Beldum to the PC, as much as I love gifts, I really don't know who's the sender.

After a while, with my Pokemon all pumped up, it was time to battle the gym leader of Rustboro City.

I breezed through the gym trainers, and when I got to the back of the building, I saw her. She's Roxanne, the gym leader.

She called forth her Geodudes, and I called my Marshtomp. It wasn't a problem that much, since Water types beat Rock. What I did have trouble with, was Nosepass. I did had some crunch time with Marshtomp, but we came through. We won! Roxanne handed me with the Stone Badge, my first badge in Hoenn. I'm now stoked as to what endeavors cross me in the future.

- May

And that ends this part of the run! Here is the current team of our protagonist, May!

May - Rustboro City

This wraps up our first entry of the ORAS Leijon Run! Thank you for taking the time to read this entry, It means so much! Next entry, we will see May getting her first whiff of the Hoenn Sea, and get her Knuckle Badge! Thanks and tune in to another entry of Leijon's Wall!

Leijon's Wall © Leijon

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