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Shine Diamond episode 14a: The Afterpost

Posted April 14th, 2018 at 4:23 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group arrives in Oreburgh City, where Ash receives a Budew and watches Paul take on the Gym Leader, Roark!

This episode had a lot of of opportunities for callbacks to Moonlight Silver, and foreshadowing of Sapphire Sky (the RSE remix). Ash refers to his match with Whitney, and reminisces about River, his Marill from Moonlight Silver (whose storyline continues in Sapphire Sky). Brock also hints at the stowaway, and reminiscences about Raquel, his own Geodude.

Gaia the Budew is Ash's Grass type for Shine Diamond (who will eventually become a Roserade). On my original Diamond file, I had a Roserade named Rosie, but felt this was too bland a name for Ash, so I changed the name to something Ash would be more likely to use.

I also made Roark's referee and attendant a little younger, in addition to naming him Cole.

Mars and Jupiter are in the mine in place of Team Rocket, acting on a theory of Mega Evolution. This is setup for later on in the arc.

Next time, the gang continues watching Paul's match!
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