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Say hello to 7! Post: 1

Posted November 16th, 2008 at 8:18 PM by Gerri Shin
Updated November 17th, 2008 at 12:29 PM by Gerri Shin

Ok so most of you know I'm an avid Mac user so you're probably asking "what is this? why is he blogging about Microsoft?". the simple answer is that I've use Windows much more in my life than I have mac and I was intrigued by this new iteration that is supposedly 'better than Vista'.
So without further Ado I present
I've been testing out the Beta build 6801 of Microsoft Windows 7 and at first glance there aren't that many differences from Vista. Seven uses a theme very similar to Vista's by default, in fact the only real differences aesthetically are the addition of the new show desktop 'button' area at the far right of the taskbar instead of taking up space in the quick launch.

the expand arrow now points up because when Clicked it deisplays the icons in a box above the taskbar to make it easier to find the icon you need instead of expanding into the taskbar area. (the lighthouse Icon is the new Windows Security Center icon)
Some other noticeable differences are the removal of the sidebar. now instead of docking your gadgets to the sidebar you can place them anywhere on your screen. (while this option to place them anywhere isn't new, having this be the default option is). Then there is the neat little aspect of the system requirements. Windows 7 has run pretty well on limited resources, however the only drawback is that you still need DirectX 9 for aero support.
Now on to the goodies! I did a little messing around with some of the system files (with help of some tutorials) and enabled some features that are still a little but buggy and thus are not enabled for the average beta tester.
The first and most prominent feature is the new Superbar instead of the taskbar. It performs the same funstions as the taskbar, but it also acts as a dock of sorts. you can drag and drop folders and programs onto it and make little 'stacks' of similar programs/ folders. so in one 'stack you could have IE and FF and in another you could have shortcuts to other programs or files.
Wordpad has been upgraded to have many new Formatting features as well as Calculator got a slight User interface upgrade.

Anyway So far that's what I've found, I'll post more when I find more. as a closing thought I'll show you the specs I have it currently running at.
(I have it running in a VMware Virtual machine and that's why Aero isn't enabled)
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    I must try this soon, that is if I ever get my notebook back...
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