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Pokémon Battle Cup Week 0

Posted January 16th, 2018 at 11:45 PM by screen

Dear Readers,

My name is Jeffrey a.k.a. Screen or Jeffvirus and I am your coach of the Elysian Empoleon.

An idea was born
For a while my friend, Ancient Archen, wanted to do a draft league tournament for pokémon. We first thought to try it out with friend of ours on small base but this let to nothing. So in a spur of the moment we decided to try and recruit competitors through different means like Pokecommunity. So we invited some people who said either yes or no, and some of those peopel invited people and before we knew it we had enough competitors to really start the tournament. And so the Pokémon Battle Cup or PBC for short was born.

Road to the Draft
Now that we had enough participants we needed to set a date for the draft, which if you didn't know was pretty hard since everybody needs to be online at the same time and we have people from many different timezones. After a lot of planning and using online planners we decided on a date for the draft. Which meant that for me I needed to be awake at 04:00 in the morning {D:}. The draft should be held on the 12th or 13th of January 2018 depending on your timezone and such. So we still had a few weeks before the draft since it was only december 2017 and people needed to set up their roster and such. Some people never heard of a draft base league so we needed to do some explaining.

D-Day, Draft-Day
And then we reached the date of the stream. I woke up at 03:00 in the morning to prepare for the voice chat and the draft. Everybody else was already getting online and some people that had send me messages about not making the draft could fortunately make time to still join the draft. At 4:00 we were still missing 2 coaches of the teams, but since we didn't want to wait any longer we decided to start the draft anyway. After about 1 and half hours of drafting, one of the missing coaches showed up who had slept through 5 different alarms, Cough Archen Cough, and he could still pick a few of his mons for his roster. The one coach missing from the draft had to pick from the leftover Pokémon on the list.

Prep week 0
So now we finally reached today, coaches are prepping their teams for the first battle week starting upcoming friday. If any readers are interested in following what is going on during the PBC, please feel free to follow this blog, join the discord server or PM me for other information.

So if anyone has any hints for this blog or anything please feel free to send me some criticism I could build on and as previous mentioned you can ask me anything and I will answer anything I'm comfortable with.

Signing off,

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    Thank You

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    Nice post
    Thanks for your comment, pls check out my blog of the first week.
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