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Shine Diamond episode 58c--The Afterpost

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 2:10 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Mars is intimidated by Wallace's appealing prowess, and Ash gets an unexpected phone call from May!

The biggest change was swapping Team Rocket for the Galactic admins--so instead of Jessie, Wallace wows Mars.

Ash explaining the different moves Celeste does and their Contest types is new for the story. Unlike Contests in the games, moves do not jam opponents--the point of the Appeal competition is trying to earn the most hearts with the most creative appeals (so you can't take hearts away from opponents, and opponents can't take away hearts from you). Pokemon can still be unnerved by moves, which counts as 0 hearts for that turn, as if the Pokemon never appealed at all.

There are a LOT more move combos than in the games. Since each coordinator appeals one at a time, you can capitalize off of one person's combo by doing the second move, earning lots of hearts for yourself. Likewise, your opponents can do the same to you. (this is how Dawn choked in many offscreen appeal competitions--she wasn't paying attention to what her opponents were doing!)

Rather than just showing that it is May that called Ash, I wanted to end the episode with a little of their call.

Next time, the group reunites with May, and the girls take Ash Contest costume shopping!
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