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Which is the most successful evil team?

Posted September 18th, 2016 at 10:04 AM by lilyocean

So I bet everyone's been wondering Who s the best evil team? Who's plan came most to completed before the protagonist beats all of them up. Here are all the campaigners.

* Team Rocket

* Team Magma

* Team Aqua

* Team Galactic

* Team Plasma

* Team Flare

Team Rocket:
So we all know Jesse, James, and Meowth are totally hilarious, but complete failures. They even messed up the Team Rocket motto. Butch and Cassidy were more on target (on the anime). In the Red and Blue games team Rocket still was not very successful. Though in pokemon Gold and Silver after Giovanni disbanded Team Rocket the admins kept Team Rocket going.

Team Magma:
In the anime Team Magma always quarreled with Team Aqua. They also did it in the games, but that did not stop Maxie from setting an example for the rest of them. They even had Lance "join" them to keep an eye on them. So in a way Team Magma are more serious.

Team Aqua:
Not as serious as Team Magma but still serious. Team Aqua made it's debut in pokemon Sapphire. In the anime when Arcie held the red orb he absorbed and became evil. So with that being said Ash and his gang along with Lance stopped Archie and continued on.

Team Galactic:
In my opinion Team Galactic is the most successful team. In the games Team
galactic ALMOST got the new world they wanted. In platinum they almost made it to their goal but the protagonist stop them. In the anime it was the same thing Ash got to the scene while Team Galactic was raising Dialga and Palkia. Then Ash and comrades stop them.

Team Plasma:
Team plasm appeard in 2 different games Black and White and, Black and White 2. In Black and White, the mysterious figure N (Natural Harmonia) is found to be the leader of team plasma. In pokemon Black and White 2 the new leader of Team Plasma is a man known as Ghetsis Harmonia (N's dad). In the anime Ash and comrades befriend N who eventiully falls into a pit with Ash and they found the light stone(Reshiram) then we meet Ghetsis who tell Colress to control Resiram.

Team Flare:
The stylish rookie's Team Flare. Their leader is Lysander who somehow in pokemon XY has a cafe in Lumiose city and nobody noticed. In XY they used the Ultimate weopon in Geosenge town. To get Xernius/Yvetal. In the anime Team Flare is after Zygarde and its forms to make a new world. Plan fails thanks to Ash and comrades. BLA BLA BLA. Stuff.

Leave a comment below and tell me who is your favorite evil team and why.
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    Princessginko's Avatar
    I would say Team Plasma is pretty cool but I am sticking it on Team Aqua. Even though Team Aqua did not make it far, none of the evil teams will probably EVER achieve their evil wants. But, even with this, I am still a water type trainer so Team Aqua is where I stand.
    Posted September 20th, 2016 at 4:43 AM by Princessginko Princessginko is offline
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    Wolfmam617's Avatar
    I have to agree that team galactic is the most successful out of all the teams, however (I have no idea why) my favourite team has to be team plasma, dont know why they just are.
    Posted September 27th, 2016 at 12:05 PM by Wolfmam617 Wolfmam617 is offline