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I was on mini-vacation the past few days.

Posted September 23rd, 2011 at 12:52 PM by Sammi

Which is why I wasn't posting. I should've mentioned it here. .-.

Anyway, so I went to visit my family in Nebraska for a few days. My parents and brothers moved down there a few months back, and my sister and I only just now had the time and finances to visit.

Monday: My sister came over. We ate out at a local restaurant and then went home to goof off.

Tuesday: Drove up to Nebraska to visit my family. We went out for lunch, and then shortly after that, people started coming over for dinner. Pretty much everyone that lives in that city minus my uncle was there. That's Grandma, three brothers, my sister, a sister-in-law(ish), and five cousins. And my parents and then me. I don't know how we all fit in there. XD The oldest brother grilled burgers and my stepdad made wings and it was all good.

Wednesday: My birthday! It was pretty uneventful all things considered. My sister wasn't feeling well, so she slept most of the day. Had to help chase my two-year-old nephew around. Honestly I hung out most of the day and just chilled with everyone who was around. Later at night we ended up eating out at the restaurant one of my brothers works at, which was tasty. They didn't embarrass me like they said they would, though, which was slightly disappointing. After that I went shopping to a store I had a gift card for, but didn't have in the town I live, and bought some jewelry.

Thursday: Hung out for most the day (I am sensing a pattern here). Then I spent about an hour and a half at a mall with my best friend from college, which I hadn't seen since I left school near three years ago. She got me pink toilet paper from France, from when she went to study there. It's amazing. XD It was great to see her again, although I felt bad it was so short. After I was done with that, my sister and I left for Kansas again.

It's nice to be home, but I'll still miss my family. :( Hopefully we can see them more often in the future.

Since I'm on vacation at work, I still have another three days to goof off (including today). Also, need to catch up on sleep. I didn't get much when I was on the road. @[email protected]
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