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Pokemon Shield Day 9 thoughts and notes [FINAL]

Posted November 30th, 2019 at 2:41 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
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We last left off with Lisa beginning the post-game scenario. So let's get started!
  • I don't want head back to this foggy forest. Not because of where it is, but who's probably gonna be there.
  • And... I'm right. Crap.

Getting Really Fed Up With Seeing You Battle #9
Cinderace Lv82
Corviknight Lv82
Jolteon Lv82
Persian Lv82
Cloyster Lv82
Flygon Lv82

It needs to be said again: How in the hell did this loser get past Route 2?
  • Sonia, any respected, accredited institute of higher learning and research has a long, involved hiring process for new professor hires that takes months of interviews and research into their credentials. All that is to say, you're a fine example of classic nepotism at work.
  • Um, we already have one set of obnoxious brothers. Do we really need a second? And what's with their stupid hair?

Shielbert Battle #1
Cinderace Lv82
Corviknight Lv82
Jolteon Lv82
Persian Lv82
Cloyster Lv82
Flygon Lv82

  • Sonia, you're surprised that the loser got the stuffing beat out of him? Because I'm not surprised in the least. Losing has been his special skill since Day 1.
  • So, we have to visit the gyms over again and defeat giant berserk Pokemon. I don't mind teaming with Piers and the other Gym Leaders. But You-Know-Who needs to get lost. And eventually we get summoned back to the lab.

Sordward/Shielbert Battle
Cinderace Lv90
Corviknight Lv90
Jolteon Lv90
Persian Lv90
Cloyster Lv90
Flygon Lv90

  • Okay, back to the gyms. At least from here on out, I'm taking the crazed giants on solo.
  • Bede's taken care of the situation in his Gym, unlike the others. He seems to think he can win this time, so let's prove him wrong.

Bede Battle #5
Cinderace Lv91
Corviknight Lv91
Jolteon Lv91
Persian Lv91
Cloyster Lv91
Flygon Lv91

  • Time to finish the gym matter up.
  • Now we have to head to the power plant where the dude with the weird hair once again thinks he can stop Lisa. Somehow I doubt it.

Shielbert Battle #3
Cinderace Lv95
Corviknight Lv95
Jolteon Lv95
Persian Lv95
Cloyster Lv95
Flygon Lv95

  • Lisa fights one legendary, captures another, and curses at ineffective "Ultra" Balls during the capture. She goes through ten of the useless things before the capture succeeds.
  • And it's back to the foggy woods because plot. I'd let the legendary Pokemon slaughter this loser if it were up to my own devices.

Cinderace Lv97
Corviknight Lv97
Jolteon Lv97
Persian Lv97
Cloyster Lv97
Flygon Lv97

Will this idiot stop blabbing every time I decimate one of his Pokemon?

Oh, he wants to use a legendary as a crutch? Cinderace is having none of it and one-shots it.

Him? A professor?


College will chew him up and spit him out, plus, he seems like he'd be the "1.4 rating on RateMyProfessor.com" type, not that he'd ever make it that far.

What a delusional twat. Hopefully I'll never hear from him again.

Well, with that done, there's only a few loose ends to tie up. I hear Marnie's itching for a battle, but after going through all that post-game slog, I'm gonna wait a bit before taking her on.

Not sure if I want to breed/raise a proper EV/IV team, since online matching for battles is a hot mess with the Y-Comm. and I haven't been involved in online battles since the peak of X/Y.

So yeah, this is probably my last update for this, since most everything is done with. Hope everyone enjoyed joining Lisa on her quest to crush all who dare oppose her! Overall, the game was... okay. A fairly average entry that did some things well but really messed up other things. In other words, given that it's Pokemon, it was about what I've come to expect.
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