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Hello, I'm Nichole. A twenty-something, female, Australian, suffering autism/social issues and proud member
of this forum since 2011. Been a childhood fan of Pokemon since I was only 7, and I picked up
my first Pokemon game when I was 11. Pretty much have played every game since then.

Joined PC in March 2011. Became a Community Supporter in October 2012, started off initially as
a Tier 4, since jumped to Tier 5 or as we know them these days, Crystal Tier.
Now I am suddenly a Platinum Tier for whatever reason. Ex Showdown regular, and currently active Tumblr blogger.

Aside from Pokemon, I have a love for cute anime girls, plushies, music and anything that gives
me a good laugh. This blog will mainly be a showcase of stuff I am loving right now, some personal
reviews and ramblings, music, funny stuff, life updates and things going around PC.

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Happy New Year PC!

Posted December 31st, 2012 at 4:42 AM by Hikamaru

OK, so we come to the end of another year at PC, and Hikari10 (me of course) would like to wish you a...

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe how much happened to me this year, I greeted more newbies than ever, found myself contributing more, posting in the DCC more, and getting the best gift a PC member could ever get!

My highlights of the year include meeting three of the coolest members I ever met - MidnightShine, diab_low and Rainbow Arcanine who I chatted with endlessly. I also met some other cool members, including GolurkIsDaBomb, Rococo, glitchguy, Antemortem/Minzy, Rodriguezjames55 and Gerokunz. This list would go on forever but they were the best new members I met this year.

I also witnessed loads of staff promotions this year, including the moddings of Olli97, Kenshin5, Mac, DrFuji, XanderO, Jellicent♀, Cirno, Hybrid Trainer, Curious. and Derozio. The promotion of bobandbill, Captain Fabio, Mr Cat Dog, Abnegation and TwilightBlade to Super Moderators, plus the re-promotion of the great Patchisou Yutohru after taking leave from staff 6 months prior. And then I witnessed the first admin promotions here back in October, when Ausaudriel, Sylphiel, Morkula and Went became Staff Admins. Can't wait to see what twists and turns the staff throw at us in 2013.

But the biggest highlight was the PCX Get-Together, where I never expected it to end with my name turning italic blue, which gave me new profile customization, VIP Forum, newfound fame and this beautiful blog to top it all off. Thank you PC for giving me this awesome blue color cos it suits me perfectly. Being a PC Supporter means I now care for this place as a whole and 2013 will be my first full year with Supporter status on this forum too.

And come March 2013, I will be turning two in PC membership age. Can't believe only one more year until I get a coveted PC Veteran Emblem. Most would remember me as a massive noob back in 2011, but those days are over. I now find myself helping newbies out and talking a lot more.

2012 saw big changes from me, including finally breaking my tradition of only using Pokemon-based forumsets, and the ones I introduced this year were, according to most of PC, my most interesting ones to date.

Only 20 minutes until 2013 here in Sydney, but have a Happy New Year PC and make 2013 a good year.

- Hikari10
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    Happy new year for you tooooooo!!!!!!!!
    Posted December 31st, 2012 at 4:55 PM by

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