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Opinion: Generation 5 Pokemon (Part Four: Moguryuu - Dageki)

Posted October 9th, 2010 at 5:53 PM by Gulpin
Updated April 5th, 2011 at 1:30 PM by Gulpin

Welcome to part four of my opinion article on the generation five Pokemon! In the spoiler you can see what Pokemon are coming in what part, and you can find links to parts one, two, and three. In this segment, I will give my opinion on the new mole Pokemon, the Chansey of this generation, this generations Machop line, the new tadpole/frog line, the Judo Pokemon, and the Karate Pokemon. Enjoy!

Part One: Victini - Miruhoggu
Part Two: Yooterii - Hiyakki
Part Three: Munna - Kokoromori
Part Four: Moguryuu - Dageki
Part Five: Kurumiru - Basurao
Part Six: Meguroko - Shinpora
Part Seven: Desumasu - Chirachiino
Part Eight: Gochimu - Baibanira
Part Nine: Shikijika - Denchura
Part Ten: Tesshiido - Shandera
Part Eleven: Kibago - Kojondo
Part Twelve: Kurimugan - Aianto
Part Thirteen: Monozu - Zekrom
Part Fourteen: Randorosu - Genosekuto

#035 Moguryuu #036 Doryuuzu

Let's start with the new mole Pokemon, Moguryuu and Doryuuzu. Unlike the older mole Pokemon, Diglett and Dugtrio, these two actually resemble moles. I like these two. If you look at some of my past bloggs, you can see a drawing that I did of the ever cute Moguryuu. I love everything about these Pokemon. I like the colors, and the sprite animations. There isn't much to hate about these two. They would've been on my team if I had found the swirling dust in the first cave. They have really nice attach and hp stats, and are very strong. I also really like both of their shiny sprites. I'd like to see Doryuuzu outside of his little costume thing (which I presume it is. It seems to have a fake eye and an opening below the 'beak' for his head). Overall, I give these two a 8/10 (maybe a 9 if they were found more easily).

#037 Tabunne

Now we come to Isshu's Chansey. I really like Tabunne, but fore some reason it seems to be two-dimensional. I wish that it would have had a pre evolution or evolution or that it would have higher stats (the HP stat in particular). What I really like about Tabunne is how easy it is to train on them. Just run by some grass, wait for it to shake, and it is usually a Tabunne, who is fairly easy to defeat but yealds a ton of experience. Overall, I give Tabunne a 6/10.

#038 Dokkora #039 Dotekkotsu #040 Roopushin

Next are Dokkora, Dotekkotsu, and Roopushin, the Brawny Pokemon. I really like these three (well mainly two of them). Lets start with Dokkora. I think that he is really cute but in a tough way. I like how he carries around a plank of wood. I really like Dokkora's design in general. Then Dokkora evolves into Dotekkotsu at level 25. Dotekkotsu is ok, but I don't really like its bulbous head. It just looks kinda weird. Then you have to trade Dotekkotsu for it to evolve into Roopushin. I really like pretty much everything about Roopushin's design. What I really hate about these three are that you have to trade to evolve Dotekkotsu to Roopushin, so I didn't include them on my team. Stat wise, Roopushin gained the status of having the highest attack stats among all Fighting type Pokemon, which is really cool. Overall, these three will get a 7/10

#041 Otamaru #042 Gamagaru #043 Gamageroge

Next are the tapole to frog things, Otamaru, Gamagaru, and Gamageroge. These three seem to be a mixture of the Poliwag line and the Wooper line. They are dual type with water and ground, and are very nice Pokemon. Otamaru kinda looks odd, but I think it looks better when animated. Then he evolves into Mr. Herp-Derp, aka Gamagaru. Gamagaru's looks are kinda so-so, but eh, he's ok. Then Gamagaru evolves into Gamageroge. Gamageroge's looks are kinda so-so aswell, but better than Gamagaru. Stat wise they are nice and average with a fairly good HP stat. I really link Otamaru and Gamagaru's shinies, but not Gamageroge's. Overall I give these three froggies a 6/10.

#044 Nageki

I'm not really sure what to make out of Nageki (or Dageki, but he's next). I like the idea of having couterpart martial art Pokemon. Nageki is the Judo Pokemon. I really don't like his looks to much. He looks like a little hunchback wearing a martial arts costume. I hear that he is a really helpful powerhouse early in-game, which is nice. Personally, I'm still trying to figure out this Pokemon. I don't understand how a human clothing item made part of a Pokemon (I understand the trashbags and the Dokkora line though). I really don't know about this Pokemon and this opinion/review probably doesn't give this Pokemon much credit, but I'll give him a 4/10.

#045 Dageki

Now we move on to Dageki, of whom I'm just as confused about as Nageki. I like the looks of this one better, the color and how it doesn't look like he belongs in the bell tower of Notre Dame. I assume that Dageki is just as useful as Nageki. I'm still confused about the outfit though. Can he like take it off or is a part of him? I really don't know. Once again, I'm very confused by these Pokemon, and I will give Dageki a 5/10 because he looks cooler/better than Nageki.
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