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Facts of life

Posted January 2nd, 2013 at 12:34 AM by droomph

There are a few facts of life I've figured out. Wether you find them true or not, or you can understand them, doesn't concern me - as far as I'm concerned, these are my truths - you can share your own truths if you want.

1. Life is about balance. That's why there is matter, and anti-matter. That's why spin, though opposite, together, create balance, and peace. That's why there's up and down, light and dark, good and bad - life is about balance, and it's up to us to achieve this balance. Life is about balance's triumph over imbalance. That's what everything we strive for - a balance. That's why the universe gets more random - one day, everything will be perfect, and in balance. That's the Golden Age, the Second Coming, the End of Ages - is when everything is treated equally, and without discrimination. Utopias aren't perfect - people still get negative emotions, however small. Our lives are bent on balancing the imbalanced - that's why when bad gets turned into good, we call it a "conflict", and we suck up stories with "conflict" and call those without "boring". We don't feel like we're accomplishing our job.

2. Positive imbalance is just as evil as negative imbalance. Being perfectly good is just as evil as being evil, killing puppies, whatever. The concept of God and Jesus and the Savior, they're all a perfect balance between pure evil, and pure goodness. They have exactly one bad moment for every good moment. Jesus was a brat when he was a kid - he killed a child for making him slightly angry. He demanded honor and power. He ran away from his parents. He was a horrible child. Yet - he was the Son of God, and undoubtedly holy for the course of his three years of ministry. He helped bring God's grace into the world - the perfect deed - and was mad at the people who had turned the temple into a marketplace - the perfect evil thought. This is the biblical "perfection" we talk about. It's not doing "holy deeds" for all the time, it's having the perfect balance between doing and thinking good, and showing and thinking evil.

3. Every conception of truth is correct. There's no way to deny this - what people believe, they really believe. They can't let go of their belief, even when presented with contradicting facts. This is because their beliefs are real. They believe in it, it's real to them, it's real to their world. You won't be able to make them see the real "truth", because what they believe is sincerely true to them. The saddest person is the one without true understanding, even if the true understanding is incorrect. There isn't a way to prove one's truth, even if one's truth is, in fact, correct.

4. God isn't a being - he is us. People quite often question there being a God. My answer to them is - there is no better proof of God than logic itself. Why are we here? Because logic made us so. The Big Bang is just like God creating things on will - things came into existence. There was no "I'll take four grams of quarks, and then put them in a blender…" in our perception of the universe. Things just were, just like we say God is the Great I Am. Existence itself is God. Logic is God. There is no better proof.

5. Heaven and Hell are not places - they're a state of perception and being. People imagine that Heaven is a place of joy and golden rays, and Hell a place of fires being set on fire and pain factories, and torture and jail cells. The reality is, at least for me, is that Heaven is not a place, but a perception of the true answer to our universe. It's where we're at peace with ourselves, because we have made this universe a less discriminant place, a place where things will not be judged based on our being, but for what we really represent. Hell, however, is a blatant refusal to acknowledge God (us, and our being) and our purpose (perfecting God, which is us, and our being) , and being forced to wander around in an endless thought of what else might our life be for. It's the pain of not knowing, not the pain of torture. It's a worse fate than death, because you're stuck with it into the afterlife, which is the entropy of yourself and your building blocks, helping the universe achieve its goal.

6. Nobody can know the true answer of the universe, as long as you are part of the universe. No being, no particle in this universe can know the secret of what lies beyond existence. Unless you aren't part of existence, you can't know, or even perceive what the Truth is.
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