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Regarding the recent "hacking-in" of Pokémon XY

sno halashun
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Regarding the recent "hacking-in" of Pokémon XY

Posted February 27th, 2014 at 4:07 PM by droomph

I find…strange?…that secrecy and availability can't exist together.

The only times when you had "secrecy", or not being able to have the events found out, were before the age of easy internet access. If you wanted to know what events there were, you had to have Nintendo Power or something like that, which would take a week by mail to get to you. Also, if you wanted to know what event-unlocked quests (eg Liberty Island, Birth Island, etc.) there were, you would have to find out yourself, through hacking the cartridge. And I'm sure that most 8-year-olds are not HackMew or destinajagold (or whatever) level hackers, and even they needed to collaborate, build upon past works and findings, etc. And besides, with $5 a month allowance (if you were lucky), who's going to afford a cartridge reader that's also illegal?

But on the other hand, if you even cared to get any of these events, you had to go to the nearest store and hand them your cartridge. For most, this wouldn't be a problem, but a lot of us are socially awkward, live miles away from a Gamestop, etc., meaning we couldn't get these event Pokémon if we even tried.

But now, with the Internet, everything's changed.

We receive news about the new games instantly, through Serebii, Twitter, forums, etc. and we can get them without leaving our houses , which brings many events to us loners and people who live in suburbia. It truly is great.

But on the other hand, secrecy is lost. Any hope of surprising players with a new event or unreleased Pokémon can count on having hackers find out through collaboration on this instant form of communication, and then at once communicate all their findings to a audience many times bigger than the players themselves.

I'm sure this trade off strikes a chord with every blogger and social media enthusiast out there…
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