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Dad, (ferry) boat and a kid.

Posted July 16th, 2014 at 10:30 PM by Starry Windy
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I think that would be nice to start with this song.

This afternoon, my mother and I was saying goodbye, as my father is about to set sail to a certain city, the same city where I was celebrating Chinese New Year with my relatives. And sometimes I'm starting to think when I was about to get home from that city, several months ago. Yes, when I was on that boat, at February 2nd.

Originally Posted by flashback to the past
I learned something when I was riding on the boat when I'm on the way home. Today, instead of looking at the sea like I usually do (because I don't want to be exposed to direct sunlight), I bring my 3DS to play Pokémon X, setting route on training one of my Pokémon, Snover, Tepig and Snivy (I got the latter 2 by trading via GTS). I was battling on the Battle Chateau to raise their Exp. Points because I want them to evolve, not to mention that it adds to the National Dex, and suddenly I noticed that a little kid wants to watch me play.

I was very nervous because I thought, "that kid would say to his parents that even adults play Pokémon! What should I do?" Especially because I rarely play 3DS in public. However, sooner as I play more, I find out that the kid wants to watch me play, when I managed to evolve my Snover and when I was tapping Mega Evolution against a tiny wild Flabébé (poor little Flabébé...), just to see how its Mega form looks like. That must be the first Mega Evolution that kid sees.

Then, my Fenny (a female Delphox) assists me when training in Battle Chateau and Victory Road to evolve my Snivy and Tepig, and I find out that he kept watching me all this time, and my mom sees that he wants to watch me play, so my mom started to let him see the game, but sadly, he can't say anything...
Sometimes I'm wondering if that kid would be ok and be able to talk, but after I arrived in home, I heard from my parents that he can't talk, that I feel bad about that guy... and I hope he is well, and I hope the same for my dad, wishing that he will arrive safely.

Bon Voyage :)
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