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Posted April 24th, 2010 at 5:39 AM by Lady Gaga

Nothing really exciting today actually...

Only went to school for the first half! Woot woot! I stayed home so I could rest for my first performance in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. I played the part of Joseph :3
I watched a lot of Family Guy that day, and the performance could have been better. Oh well.

I was out for the whole day. I missed half of Glee the night before, so all day I was trying to find a way to watch it. That nights performance was amazing, I was so happy with myself. That musical was so much fun!

Today, I only went to school for the first half. The second half I did a lot of things.
- Created a new email
- Created a Twitter account
- Added all of my friends to this new hotmail account I mentioned earlier.
- Deleted 3400+ emails from one from my old account, and unsubscribed from all my stupid email subscriptions.
- For me this is a lot and took me 2+ hours
Also, it was the last performance for Joseph (and the last time I would be in a performance with these people, some of them I have known for almost 10 years), and I must say, it was the best performance we have ever had. It was a great night, and an amazing end to Joseph. I made so many new friendships, and made some old ones stronger. I had so much fun, and even though it was a very bumpy ride, like you wouldn't imagine, it was all worth it. I have a lot of picture, and I will make sure to post some.

Slept in, finished a Science project. It shoots stuff. It had been a really long and hard project. On the weekend, it didnt work at all, so I had to return everything and start over, twice! Finally it was built, but I couldn't test it because I was so busy with Joseph. So, Friday morning was the only time I could test it out. I used a small ball first, and it didnt work. Then I used a slightly bigger, hard ball, and it shot really really really fast and made a dent in my moms wall! My science teacher said it was her favourite project.
Then at the end of the day, after the school Student-Teacher floor hockey game (where a girl in grade 5 who was in Joseph gave me a letter thanking me for boosting her confidence and taking a picture with her. It was so cute, and so many of her friends have come up to me and said she has a crush on me. Young love, its funny. I cant wait until she realizes that I am three years older than her, and am leaving the school in two months bahahaha), me my friends walked to a nearby Tim Hortons. We played a prank on one kid, and then me, a friend, his little sister, and the guy we played the prank on got on the bus and went to his house. No big deal, right? Well his little sister, who obviously had never been on a bus before, was so scared, she started crying a little. Me and my friend, lets name him Bir for now, were sitting in the spot where the bus turns, so she was scared it would break. She kept falling as well...it was so funny.
So, at his house, where my best friend was waiting, we went to the local store to get some watermelons (I also tried a new icecream flavour, Cotton Candy), and when we got back, we gathered all the fruits we could find, and headed to the forest. There we made a really bad video of us playing golf with these fruits, and smashing them to bits. It was fun for us at the time. Afterwords, we saw Kick-Ass. OMG, it was the funniest movie I have ever seen. It was amazing movie, and everybody should see it. It has great acting, soundtrack, humor, plot, everything! Oh ya, and me and Bir texted our ex-girlfriends a lot...bahahaha I hope things work out for us.

So ya, that was my week. Great eh? Well, I'm going to finish this terribly long blog, which I know nobody will read, and go watch the episode of Glee I missed. Oh, and maybe you noticed. I didnt use emoticons AT ALL in this blog. If I did, It would have been at the end of every sentence, so I tried something new, and made reading this a little less annoying...Bye~
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