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PC GT11: My Thoughts

Posted July 12th, 2014 at 4:27 PM by Pendraflare

So this was my first year on PC, and thus my first time being a part of their apparently annual Get Together. As a whole, I really enjoyed the events offered, even if I didn't participate in all of them. Here are some of the ones I did, and what I thought of them:

The Pokémon Challenge: The premise behind this was neat, combining so many different things for a theme team - weather, "11", Hoenn, Unity and counterparts. I liked the team I got to go into the Elite Four with, and with my levels they were an interesting challenge. Even though the Champion fight against Iris was insanely bumpy (so many critical hits and Trick Room being thrown about), it was still a fun idea. Jak and Necrum got pretty clever here.

Retro Gaming: I remembered these games well, and Worm was the only one I could really be bothered to play, but mostly because of how much time I spent trying to take first place. But after over three hours, a certain person who already had first ninja'd me by upping her high score even higher. I tried Asteroids, but that one I wasn't exactly great at. The other one I was even worse with. So overall, rather frustrating, but a nice opportunity.

Anime Snapshots Contest: Not much I did with this one, but I did like throwing in one screenshot from a battle in the anime that I liked watching. The other categories I didn't care enough for. Free emblem, so hey, worth a throw.

Design a Hoenn Mega Evolution: With Crawdaunt being a Pokémon that has stats leaving something to be desired, except its Attack, a Mega Evolution is something that'd benefit it well. I thought of some to hand it over to, and I thought maybe Altaria, but the crab was the one I settled on. Wonder if i'd be any good at drawing my own proposed design though, probably not.

Pokémon Anime Movie Streams: This was a great time too, getting to check out some of the Pokémon movies that it had been a long time since I got to see. Temple of the Sea was one i've always liked, and Destiny Deoxys was cool too. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Genesect movie, and I do kinda wish they had done Zoroark in there somewhere. But Olli was very persuading with this activity, and I had fun doing it. Thanks again!

Around PC in Seven Days: Well, one day in my case. If you've seen me posting like crazy here, it's because I didn't really think to enter this one until just yesterday when I saw a certain user marathon his way through the entire thing, completing it in less than 16 hours. Oryx had a fun premise behind it, with her guiding people into most every area of PC, I feel that she set this up so we could get to know more about other areas of the forum. And it worked well, because I liked going through this one. So many topics and areas that I ventured into, which otherwise I feel I may not have touched if it weren't for her. (She already thanked me, but I wanted to mention her anyway.)

There were some activities I almost did, like the Trivia, but decided not to. And I would've loved to do the Speed Breeding, but my busy schedule kept me from doing so. But all in all, I really enjoyed this time the forum provided! And I hope that next year will have just as good activities if i'm still here for it (which i'm sure I will be).

So yeah! Those were my thoughts. Also, I noticed this is the 12,000th blog on PC as a whole! Haha, I claimed this one. Beat everyone else to it, feels kinda fun.
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    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. But Necrum came up with nearly everything for the GT event. I came up with like...the Hoenn and Unity slots for the team, haha. Everything else was all him, so really, he deserves all the praise. :)
    Posted July 12th, 2014 at 8:19 PM by Sydian Sydian is offline