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Page's nasty nuzrun nitpicks: the disappearing screenshots

Posted June 16th, 2017 at 7:36 PM by PageEmperor

Alright, so I've decided to make blogposts where I complain about my own nuzrun, because why not.

So that said, I just spent 2 hours looking for missing screenshots from my Black 2 nuzrun. That would have been fine... except those were screenshots of some of my favourite and most exciting updates. And now they won't be as exciting anymore if I don't have screenshots.

Well, but at least it won't hurt now if I say I rekt the Bug leader using an on-level Koffing and Timburr, have one of my teammates died against a Klink cause it critted me and I couldn't OHKO it, I somehow glitched the game, my Koffing got OHKO'd by a Trubbish's non-crit Take down, and found a Heracross just when I was about to think the Ground gym and that Excadrill would destroy me. That's how interesting those lost screenshots were. Bah.

That and I have like 5 hack runs ongoing and I can't decide which one to continue.
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