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The Return

Posted August 7th, 2011 at 8:34 PM by AshPikastar

My Trip to North Carolina had so much drama. The first day in North Carolina we were driving over to my Grandma funeral but that got canceled.The reason is we got into a car accident. Now this was my first time being in a car accident so I was freaking out like heck. We were driving straight until a car had turned and ram into the car door. We were on the left lane out of all three lanes and had went flying over towards the grass that was far away on the right. We were spinning on top of it but the car didn't flip. I was in the back seat while my sister was the one driving and my mom was in the second seat. People started running over to help us get out of the car. A fire fighter helped my mom get out before helping me since they had to pull the seat up for me to get out. I was alright, my chest skin got burnt from the seatbelt, leaving a dark scar and I was sore but I wasn't as bad as my mom or sister. My mom arm was hurting while my sister back and neck was. We were taken to the hospital to get checked out, well mainly my mom and my sister. It turned out that everyone was ok. My mom sister had came over to help us get back to the hotel but it was such a mess. My cousins didn't even bother hugging me or asking me if I was alright. They were mining their own buisness. My uncle was the one that kept me comfort.

It was supposed to be a three day trip but it got turned into a week trip. This is mainly because my sister Car, a white Mustang got towed. We didn't have any car to get around. We had to rent a car but we needed to get the other persons assurance and the police report. The accident wasn't our fault which was good but the main thing that took the longest was because of the fact that the woman that was in the car didn't have a assurance so that had made it more difficult.

After all of this drama, I managed to keep my mom comfort and help her and her sister take care of everything else that was dealing with my grandma. I was able to return home tonight because of Orientations for school tomorrow. This trip had a lot of excitement.
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    PointyManz's Avatar
    at least you were'nt in one of those movies were the car flips and people die!
    Posted August 8th, 2011 at 11:21 AM by PointyManz PointyManz is offline
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    Pikachukid's Avatar
    Look at the bright side, You and your family are still alive :)
    Posted August 8th, 2011 at 9:53 PM by Pikachukid Pikachukid is offline