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2012 brings new things to discover as well as uncertainty about the future. It also brings more of that 2012 doomsday BS that has been running rampant the past few years, despite common sense and scientists actually proving that the predicted Mayan doomsday will not happen! But that still doesn't stop idiots like Discovery Channel, History Channel, Patrick Geryl and other morons from continuing to shove their doomsday shows and books down our throats!

Since the world will end in 356 days from now (we are in a leap year, so we have the 29th of February), I've decided to have my own fun with this "phenomenon". Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about how the earth will suddenly reverse its magnetic fields or anything like that. I lack the intelligence to make sense of that stuff.

The reason for this title if I'm not going to talk about 2012? A certain 80's song that critics think is probably the worst song in history.

Guilty Pleasures: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Posted March 24th, 2010 at 12:40 AM by Mario The World Champion (The Final Countdown!)

I'm going to start a new series of blog entries that have a certain theme among them. Sort of like Signomi's MSN!nomi entries and all those entries Nica makes with her misadventures in MSN.

My blog series: Guilty Pleasures! Or anything close to them. Basically, you like something a lot, but are too ashamed to let anyone know about. Well, I have a lot of those and I feel like sharing a few of my so-called guilty pleasures.

I would like to share something that I wanted...
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