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The Moderator chapter

Posted January 28th, 2010 at 8:27 AM by Gerri Shin (4∞)

I read through a thread in Other Chat that basically asked staff members how and why they got modded. This topic reminded me of my days a year or so ago when I was almost desperate to get modded. (to give a more specific time frame this was before Christina got re-modded, Ryan was still blue, and there was no differentiation between Computers and other chat)
I look back on that time and chuckle a little. My desperation seems so unfounded. I'm pretty sure I was simply after the shiny bold...
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Blog Statistics

Posted January 21st, 2010 at 7:08 AM by Gerri Shin (4∞)

Ok so I looked at my Blog stats yesterday and was wondering what my averages were, so I calculated them. the numbers are rather shocking.
Apparently I have 76 blog entries, I have one draft and one that is a phantom because I can't find it. for those 76 blog entries I have a total of 10,721 views combined for all of the posts. the more surprising number is the replies. I have a total of 170 replies for all entries. If we do the averages, I average around 141 views and 2 replies per post. seriously?...
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Style updates

Posted January 18th, 2010 at 7:15 PM by Gerri Shin (4∞)
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well I'm still at it, forum style creation. I'm just now finishing up porting my (almost) famous Dimensional Rift style to VB4, I'm still going slowly on the Darker Side for VB3.8 and finally I finished up a new blog style. two points and a cookie for whoever knows where I got the idea. XD
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2KX it sounds like some sort of new racing game!

Posted December 31st, 2009 at 8:10 PM by Gerri Shin (4∞)
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Things that happened in 2009:
  • I never changed my name
  • I changed my avatar once
  • I changed my signature about 7 times (not exact, give or take)
  • I paired with the Lovely Jenna! :D
  • I wrote a grand total of 72 blogs
  • I passed the 3000 post mark
  • I celebrated my second year here
  • I became friends with so many more people
And so looking back, I could add much more to this list, though for the life of me I wish I could remember exactly what I want to put here. (memory is a real pain sometimes)...
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Merry Christmas, Oh brother!

Posted December 26th, 2009 at 2:17 PM by Gerri Shin (4∞)

well I had to wait a day thanks to the airlines cancelling a flight, but I finally had my Christmas this morning. I had a great time, my whole family was there. This year I got a new TV, Blu-Ray player and two blu-ray movies. I personally got about $100 from each grandparents, a few new pairs of pants and shirts, and a couple classic DVD titles. There's a detailed list at the end, but the main portion of this blog is to express my joy at being with my family for the holiday. I got to spend time...
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