Pokemon Region Adventures:
The Introduction


Introduction Part A
Well, I'm sure you read stories that are normal. But guess what. Your screwed this time! This is a special kind of scripting story that you'll soon be reading... I'm sure thing will keep up your spirits. Because I have this all planned. Unusual and emo huh? Well, This story is about the well-making Pokemon series. It will be similar to the story of Ash's adventures except its not going to include everything. Oh, gosh I wonder why. Maybe its cuz your better and I suck, XD.

Introduction Part B

After six months, of when a boy named Ash Ketchum, had graduated from the trainer school in Pallet Town, a new story has unfolded. This story tells of a new shocking tale that will teach you many things about your life and the Universe of Pokemon. This is when Dark and Light in the balance has crossed. This has happened to one boy, who is determined, by God, (the one in Pokemon, not Arceus,) to crossed paths of Good and Evil in the world.

He will protect the pokemon, not hurt them. But, if it is the other way around, he will try to put of with it. He has very special cells in his body that are Blood Type X. These cells are in the DNA of his body and are little brain cells that has there own mind connecting to the one in the back of his head. That cell determines his balance in Good and Evil. He calls it "DNaX Brain," which stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid X. Will he somehow be affixed or afflicted to these new discovered things? Find out soon...
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