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Internet is still le broken :(

Posted June 20th, 2009 at 5:34 AM by Sammi (Wait, What?)

I am very sad about this.

I'm at the point where if I put in the IP info, it'll claim I'm on the network and connected to the Internet, but it doesn't actually load. No clue why. :(

I haven't actually gotten on PC during work yet, and I don't really plan to make this a habit. (Then again, I hardly get the computer here. My stepdad's on when he's not busy.) I miss you guys, but at the same time, it's nice to get a break from PC. You know? *shrugs*

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I swear I'm going to dropkick this computer out the door. Except not really.

Posted June 12th, 2009 at 6:35 PM by Sammi (Wait, What?)

So, my Internet isn't working that well. Long story short, I connect via Ethernet cord, and when I plug any cord in, it gives me this:

(The top is a wireless USB adapter, which is my parents', not mine.)

So, I do a few things: reset everything, try a different cord, see if other computers have this issue if plugged in, restore the computer to an earlier date... nothing worked. It was just me...
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Blog changes + real life worries.

Posted April 26th, 2009 at 6:44 PM by Sammi (Wait, What?)

I decided I was tired of my blog banner, so I reverted back to old profile colors. I don't know if I want to find a background color later or not.

Man, I love the s-mod color.

In other news, the next week or so is going to be very, very crazy. Long story short, we're going to double the population of the house. Right now, we're living in a three-bedroom house, and I don't have a room of my own. Normally, I'd be happy to see them back, but without a room of...
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All riiiiiiiiight!

Posted January 30th, 2009 at 5:23 PM by Sammi (Wait, What?)

Another story done! I only have two more in this series, plus the ending, and it's done! I'm over halfway done with it! I'm so excited!

...why does it seem so far off still? ;_;

Not sure if I really like the last few chapters of the story, but that's what editing's for. I'll focus on that when I get to editing. Like I've been saying, I just want to get it out of the way first...

In other news, my life's pretty boring right now. I'm home alone...
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There's not much to this update.

Posted January 10th, 2009 at 7:28 PM by Sammi (Wait, What?)

First off, I'm back home. Yay? I'm not sure how things will go, but eh. It happens.

Second, I finally messed around with my blog style! I didn't do much, just match colors to my banner. Yay for playing around with colors in Photoshop?

Third... I'm bored. I should be writing. I said I'd write 2k a day, starting today, since I actually have my computer.

I think I've written twenty words tops so far?
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