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  1. dad
    November 11th, 2015 7:53 PM
    sooo busy. i'm trying to wrap things up in school before thanksgiving break and the football season is wrapping up as well. we have our first (and probably last) playoff game this friday. then i got a job and my dad just got hip replacement surgery today so it's been really interesting this month haha
  2. Warspirit
    November 1st, 2015 8:00 AM
    a christmas miracle come early ha. I've been good! School's a pain in the ass but let's not talk about that lol. How have you been?
  3. dad
    November 1st, 2015 6:47 AM
    it's a christmas miracle :,) how've you been?
  4. Warspirit
    October 31st, 2015 9:18 AM
    well don't miss me anymore :)
  5. dad
    April 22nd, 2015 7:21 PM
    imy :o(
  6. dad
    April 5th, 2015 8:01 AM
    i'm at the part where I need find the cave that leads to the elite four haha, so close but so far. mhmm, my brother is also into that stuff but he doesn't talk about it as much. apparently my brother plays on the battle server here and he knows my battle server username so I've seriously been avoiding it haha. he literally has no chill; i'm pretty sure he took a video of me using it and sent it to his friends. i'm just hoping he doesn't know about this site hah. ooh that really gets under my skin when it comes to marching band. people will be like "ew you're in the marching band?" and I sit and ponder like literally what does me being in the marching band have to do with you? i honestly don't remember but my mom said something along the lines of him treating women badly and him just being a scum. it's really her rants after one of his songs that mess it up for me haha. it was really this one girl who told me something along the lines of "you can't wear winged eyeliner and dress bummy". she's a pretty big hypocrite considering she wears 6 inch heels and sweatpants but hey, that's none of my business -insert tea sipping kermit-. my parents both have iphone 6's if that counts hah. ah, i used to watch the pet rescue shows but they're too heartbreaking. hmm, i'd say modern family. it's the one that always has me rolling in laughter. same haha, i feel annoying so I've started to post here less. this guy who asked me out last year really doesn't understand. i'm pretty sure he's trying to ask me out again but what he doesn't get is just because he likes someone doesn't mean that they like him back. i don't want to tell him because someone has already told him this but he's gotten all down in his feelings and he's hard-headed. he was trying to hang out spring break since our birthdays are right next to each other but i knew his intentions were to ask me out. currently i have to act like i'm still really into that cute freshman guy i showed you just to get him to leave me alone, it's so frustrating. oh and this girl is different. i 've known her since kindergarten and she's just so distant. it really sucks because i reflect on all of the things we've done together and how I've known her for so long.

    they really are, i think i have a drifting problem. i'm extremely glad to be on it, our teachers gave us soo much work to do last week so i'm really just glad it's over for the time being. unfortunately i don't really have any plans except going to the pool like everyday and maybe going to get burgers on my birthday with one of the few friends i have that are in town. you already had spring break right?
  7. Warspirit
    March 18th, 2015 6:55 PM
    What part are you are? omg does that annoy your brother? I bet ha. Is the guy into the trading card game too and stuff? I know! People do it with other stuff too, music, books, anything you name it. It's really like, let me be happy with my stuff I like, and you be happy with your stuff jesus. What did John Mayer do? I heard something about him being anti-feminist (Or something against women I don't remember???) but I didn't do my own research on it so I didn't believe it. Do people actually say that to you? :o aw no one else in your house has a better phone? You think? I guess most people are always on netflix and hulu and all that jazz. Then there's youtube you know. No I never did! I'm into those big cat shows and the Veterinarian shows. I've only heard of Walking Dead from that list ha. If you had to pick any of those as your favorite to rec, which one would you recommend? ikr!! It's kinda funny though if you think about it. aw thanks but I think I'll pass lol. For some reason I feel like everyone hates me on here idk i'm weird lol. tell me about it. And honestly they'd look fine without all the make up but since they go around acting like the spawn of satan himself they turn out ugly anyway. yes i know ugh :( I really want to just say, "No I was just being friendly and you couldn't differentiate the two." yep. but it doesn't really matter anyway he's glued to his stupid phone. I think it's rude to start talking to someone when they're busy on their phone. aww :( is this the same one you were trying to go to the mall with?

    aw that sucks the most :( Tumblr friends are always the best tbh. Oh wow your spring break is really late! I bet you can't wait though! Any special plans like vacation or anything?

    (wow i got logged out while i was replying back how rude)
  8. dad
    March 16th, 2015 5:44 PM
    i haven't yet lol, i'm kinda lost and unsure of what to do next. that and i'd rather go on this forum than play pokemon. my brother does and this one guy found out and it's all this guy talks about omg. i made a pact with myself to never talk about gaming in front of him. OMG THAT IS SO TRUE, like really who is to judge what games i play. well.. there are a few of em lol. my mom hates john mayer and it's kinda tarnished his music for me. ikr, i want to be able to get away with dressing relaxed without someone saying "you bummed today". i should but my android has a super crappy camera. aww, i've just started to get into watching it a bit. i feel like tv is going out of style. did you used to watch meerkat manner? hoho it was my favorite. i've started watching fresh off the boat, the walking dead, modern family and galavant. that af omg, like it's the boys choice to talk to whomever so if they have someone to be mad at its the boy. awwww <3333 you're the best. you should post there chica, you're gorg. i almost fell over when you said the part about the girls who cover their shrew faces with makeup. i'm glad someone understands haha, and it's always the girls who want to talk crap about other people. it's so incredibly hard and then when guys realize you want to be friends you're categorized as "leading them on". oh no :'(, spring break? i'm trying haha, my bestie from elementary is so distant. she's changed so much and i'm pretty sure she doesn't care if we're friends or not.

    i had this canadian friend i met on tumblr and we used to chat like everyday and i've just lost contact. not yet, it's the week of the 5th to the 12(?). what about you?
  9. Warspirit
    March 13th, 2015 3:47 PM
    it's fine!! Did you beat that game bc I haven't lmao. oh really?? Same reason, to talk to some people about Pokemon with the AS/OR hype going on! No one irl plays Pokemon and if they do they're undercover. Then if you tell anyone you play it they publicly shun you. Bc who else is that snotty and a celebrity ha? yes I will admit that song is catchy :((( Superwoman is so pretty too! Like she's my inspiration bc sometimes I go around dressing more like a guy than a gal and she gets away with it and is still flawless!!! ok i added then lol. You should update your picture to your dog or something or yourself! I don't really watch tv lol. Sorry I'm lame OTL. It's always Animal Planet or Nat Geo Wild bc I'm an animal geek. What do you watch? Yep! Ugh yes that too! It's like "no I know what you're about get out of my face". They seem like they're always mad at me because some dumb boy they like chooses to talk to me over them. I can't control that? She probably was jealous bc you look great (totally saw you on the PC face thread thing)! lol the way you described her! yeah the girls that do that to me always have caked on makeup trying to cover up the fact they look like a shrew. if they'd be nice to people, then they'd be better but if you're ugly inside and outside goodbye. tell me about it! Can guys just not categorize in their brains that we just want to be friends with them, no strings attached? OH DARN that would have been great to say to him today but I won't see him for like 2 weeks :( He's so cute. Please keep your childhood friends, it looks so cute when people are with their older friends and talking about old memories and stuff! I always wish I had that so pls do it for me haha (jokes).

    I know! Then they always move away or you lose contact and it sucks so much! Ok!
    Are you on spring break yet by any chance?
  10. dad
    March 13th, 2015 3:21 PM
    darn, i was meaning to rewrite that sorry excuse for a paragraph but i got caught up, thanks for bearing with my confusingness. mhmm haha, it's partially the reason why i joined lol. well, that and i had to escape from my old forum. why'd you join btw? ooooh ok i had a feeling you were gonna say TS lol. i'm not a fan of hers but she has one or two songs that i can't help but dance to haha. i can't deny it, shake it off is catchy. yaass superwoman is the best... yup, that's me! btw what tv shows do you like? mhmm, it seems like summer is cut short but it feels nice to be ahead when everyone else starts. uggh i just don't get why people are like that. esp when they turn around and try to be your friend.. like no you're rattatay and problematic lol. yeah, once this girl tried to trip me for no reason. i literally never even had contact with her prior to that. i guess what goes around comes around because she has a big pie face and no eyebrows, whoops. aw, i understand. i find a feel like my guy friends prevent me from chatting with guys i like too. guys can be so clingy. tell him to look away from the screen and enjoy the day lol. of course i'm the one talking, i've been on here a few hours today *le sigh*. i certainly hope so hah.

    it seems like when you meet these people it's amazing but it's so rare. for whatever reason the freakin dresses won't load. i'll have to hook up my ipod to the computer later so i can send them.
  11. dad
    March 13th, 2015 2:42 PM
    psst, you should come by the gender war thread. i think we can make it to 510 lol
  12. Warspirit
    March 13th, 2015 2:11 PM
    They're really tucked away in the app store lol. I only found them through "Recommended Apps". oh lol. You did buy AS/OR didn't you or no? Taylor Swift ugh. I'm not a fan of most female artists (voices are too high and whiny for me) but this woman... I looked him up! He did a video with Superwoman! He's kinda cute... I'll add! But are you the one with the cat face picture?? With Jolly Rancher was your title? That would make sense but I rather start early and get out early. Wouldn't you? I wish people weren't like that :/ You never know what kind of cool person you'll meet! But I can understand being a bit timid bc some people these days are really rude and mean for no reason like???? Do you ever get other girls being just straight up rattataes to you for no reason or is that just me?? I think he is sighs. I just want to talk to the other guy but he's always on his phone! Wouldn't you think he had a girlfriend if he's ALWAYS on his phone? oh so you knew each other for a while, lucky! Are you gonna keep in touch with your hs friends after you graduate? it's fine! Hope you feel better!

    ikr. I don't get it though, there seems to be so many of us in forums and stuff but we never meet these great people irl?
  13. dad
    March 8th, 2015 7:42 AM
    this is sad that i've never heard of any of these. it's been so long i honestly don't know lol, my brother kept playing and switched my entire team. from what i can tell my pokemon were in their late 30s. what celebrity is it? aww, you should look him up he has an accent <3333 oh haha ok, my username is thelocal. oh haha, sounds good! i haven't heard of borne identity either. omg yeah but i think the people who get out in June usually start late. true, everyone's too shy and unwilling to take risks. maybe your guy friends are jelly hohoh. well our friendship all started out as awkwardness in 8th grade hah. actually he does which is funny. i feel like i left a ton out of what i want to say but i've been feeling sick and it's hard idk.

    trueee, it's just so hard having internet amigos. too many great people too little time :.(

    i'll send them on my next post bc i tried on a ton of dresses
  14. Warspirit
    March 6th, 2015 12:24 PM
    never heard of them then lol. Yep! i can rec you some: Inotia3 is great, been playing it on and off for years. They have an entire series but the third one is the only one I've played. Team Monster is rpgish (It's like Pokemon with battling monsters). There are some in my wishlist but I've never played: Chain Chronicle, Terra Battle, Fantasica, Kritika: The White..., Faraway Kingdom, Brave Brigade:..., Chroisen2- Classic, Ragnarok: War of Gods. What part did you stop in the game? I think I stopped before the 8th gym. The new pokemon they introduced were in my opinion the worst. I couldn't get into it. lol i know how that is. There's only one celebrity I truly dislike, not because I don't like their music, but her personality annoys me and whenever I see her I want to gag. who's marcus butler (I feel bad I don't know this person ha). I hear a lot of people these days say that though? They did it for fun then it became not so fun bc it's like they're forced to update to keep their fans happy. Lol! On quizup? I'm the one with the b/w pic, if that helps. But thing is... I haven't logged in for weeks I'm too busy lol. What's your un? That'll maybe be better if I look you up instead? The first ones were about part of this man's family getting kidnapped and he has to rescue them. I think the second one he and his wife got kidnapped and his daughter had to save them. It's a lot of action and shooting. Reminds me of Bourne Identity a little, not as good though. -_- of course your school had to do the hard option ha. oh that's not bad! Some people say they get out in like June and I'm like "how and why?" Good question ha. I feel like these days no one really initiates anything so we all just sit there lol. I always try to keep things 50/50 though. Like if you initiate the first few times they better start initiating the next one or I feel they're not interested. ikr :( I talk to him sometimes, not a lot though, but only bc my guy friend keeps glaring at him whenever we do talk :(( It's the worst! lol, well something is better than nothing. Please teach me your ways ha. So he doesn't believe in having a cell phone?

    Oh God why did you say that. Now that makes me sad. You can always arrange a meet up though if you get super close to someone, and prove they aren't a psychotic killer ha.

    I want to see!!! Send me pictureeess! You get it altered yet?
  15. dad
    March 2nd, 2015 3:35 PM
    i don't believe so, all i know is his name is josh lol. really? i haven't seen any but then again, i haven't really looked. unintentionally but pretty much lol. eh, honestly it wasn't very memorable. i also haven't finished the game and probably won't. he honestly pisses me off, any time i see one of his vines i pretty much want to unfollow the person who revined it. mhmm, sam also had the really rosy cheeks. oh yes i looove mc, he reminds me of marcus butler. tbh they really aren't as funny, i guess they did it for fun and it became a chore. fr tho, i'd love to meet his cuteuone day. well chameleons are pretty big so i think i'd be able to find him, now if he's hiding behind something that's another story baha. my dog is scared of the broom so i think he'll be fine lol. i looked you up a few days ago and i couldn't find you, there's like three people with the same username wahh. haha no way, i can waste my money on so many other things. what's taken about? yup but the state gave us the choice to make up the days. may 25ish, super excited but how do you make someone chat with you without chatting to them first? lol. i swear the hot guys are always short ughh. maybe he was stalking you haha, i think chatting with him when you see him is s good way. also the only advice i have even though i don't follow it. i feel like that friend who thinks they know everything about relationships when in reality they've only been in one relationship haha. well i didn't really avoid him but i didn't chat with him as much. my poor ss teacher is retiring this year and he's so bad with technology i feel bad for him.

    i like people online but then i start thinking i'll probably never see these people and it makes me super sad.

    i actually found the one yesterday, eek! it was kind of a backup just incase i don't find anything better. it needed some alterations.

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