Conversation Between Cay and smocks
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  1. smocks
    February 14th, 2019 11:41 AM
    these fools aren’t ready for our greatness
  2. Cay
    February 14th, 2019 9:49 AM
    icon..... hero........ lets do this muk Again
  3. Cay
    February 10th, 2019 9:46 PM
    omg omg
  4. smocks
    February 10th, 2019 12:51 AM
    should i bring back smtocks
  5. Cay
    May 21st, 2017 11:41 AM
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i really should get on that
  6. smocks
    May 21st, 2017 1:12 AM
    jesus is waiting on you to fix your profile
  7. Cay
    April 10th, 2017 6:22 AM
    Thx i tried
  8. smocks
    April 9th, 2017 7:51 PM
    444/420 best theme
  9. smocks
    February 22nd, 2017 5:31 PM
    yesssssssss enjoy for me pls ty. gotta love west coast, it's the best coast babyyyy
    I've been to the ghirardelli store in sf oh boy, I would be 30 pounds heavier if I'd lived right next to there omg
  10. Cay
    February 22nd, 2017 4:52 PM
    Omg ive been there !! I enjoyed it. the bay is absolutely CRAWLING with ramen places which is great. im going to sf friday so im def getting some there. theres nothing like a crepe after dinner in the late night honestly
  11. smocks
    February 22nd, 2017 4:45 PM
    I think it's called the crepe house?? I remember it was next to this bar & Gamestop that was near my hotel, late night crepes are the BEST. dude SD needs more taiyaki places but we have areas dedicated to just ramen so that balances it out p well I gotta say
  12. Cay
    February 22nd, 2017 1:16 PM
    omg where?? i might know it

    also im going to try and scout out a rainbow bagel place out here. i bet they have one. or at least some taiyaki
  13. smocks
    February 21st, 2017 5:30 PM
    square bar has those Instagram trendy rainbow bagels and mythical boba drinks
    bless sf, there's this one crepe shop up there that I'm in love with omllll
  14. Cay
    February 21st, 2017 4:00 PM
    i dont =o i gotta visit next time i go down !! they just opened a bb in sf and im going to cry
  15. smocks
    February 21st, 2017 2:53 PM
    Baked bear got sooo upgraded within the past year that'll you be baptized once again.
    But square bar is far superior to baked bear imo if you know what that is