Conversation Between ReKoil and popplio25
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  1. popplio25
    1 Week Ago 3:13 PM
    okay :>

  2. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 2:51 PM
    I've just been making up random stuff for the geography =P
  3. popplio25
    1 Week Ago 4:36 AM
    i wonder what country the Swrairia Region is based on... if any.... considering it has plush based pokemon in it...hmmm... 😮🤔

    plus, i feel like that i've decided to stick with this one....
    its the only main one that i can name the pokemon myself :D
  4. popplio25
    October 17th, 2022 5:19 AM
    i've been thinking about going back to my xesse region & sticking with it :> cause my plush region is getting a little bit tricky...

    plus, i like my essex *xesse* region :3
  5. popplio25
    October 2nd, 2022 3:27 AM
    i was thinking.... i have pokemon plushes too.... would i have to draw them all plushie, or would it be the same as putting old pokemon in a new region, i wonder? 🤔

    plushes i have: pikachu *multiple*, eevee *2 of them*, flareon, sylveon, torchic, charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, mew, raichu, butterfree, jigglypuff

    figures & necklaces: meowth, seadra, seal, togepi, dratini, clefairy, lapras, mewtwo, kirlia, bidoof, chimchar, pachirisu, shieldon

    buisel, plusle, minun & jirachi

    *what would a plushie version of mewtwo look like? :o *
  6. popplio25
    September 29th, 2022 4:32 AM
    i used this -

    i got & choose this region name - The Swraire Region - Region of Connections

    plush toys are connected to people after all, so i think it fits :3

    as for other stuff... well.... i'll think over all it :>
  7. popplio25
    September 29th, 2022 4:04 AM

  8. ReKoil
    September 29th, 2022 4:00 AM
    Could be cool if you manage to draw them as Pokemon while still keeping that plush look.
  9. popplio25
    September 29th, 2022 3:42 AM
    probably not that i'd do it, but.... what if i started to make a pokemon region based on my plush toys *excluding my japanese plushes*, i wonder how it'd be ... ^^ hmmm.... 🤔
  10. popplio25
    July 23rd, 2022 2:49 AM
    you know... i think i'll focus on my essex based region, xesse for now, since i live there :D
    after the grass starter line of the awaniko' region is named & pokedex entried :>
  11. popplio25
    July 22nd, 2022 8:34 AM
    well, with my tohaku based japan region, kyou region, that pokedex & stuff is partially finished... stats & stuff still need finishing, but the making is not happening until i don't know when

    & my hometown: essex, uk based region, xesse: still in progress

    this one, i've just finished the first stage of the grass starter, based on a Iriomote Cat (kitten) :>
  12. ReKoil
    July 22nd, 2022 8:27 AM
    Well in my experience working on too many things at once will usually result in nothing getting finished xD
  13. popplio25
    July 22nd, 2022 8:16 AM
    i'm not sure that's the reason

    i can't seem to decide, can i ^^'
  14. ReKoil
    July 22nd, 2022 8:09 AM
    Bored with the Essex one already? =p
  15. popplio25
    July 22nd, 2022 5:55 AM
    you know... i'm surely tempted to make a okinawa based region.... i saw it in Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers.... & pics... it's so pretty.... i think it'd make a great region :D the ''awaniko'' region *okinawa backwards*