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Conversation Between destinedjagold and kyuubi93
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  1. kyuubi93
    December 28th, 2017 10:19 PM
    Man, seeing your name really takes me back some nostalgic feelings from the old days of PC, back when I was on my original account. (Hooray for completely forgetting the login info to my email!) Come to think of it, I believe Reign of Legends was the second hack I ever played. I'll give you one guess what my first was, it rhymes with Grimy Mold xD hahahahaha.

    Those were the days. I remember I had a good friendship with Synyster Zeikku, we both loved Avenged Sevenfold, DBZ, Pokemon, and of course, ROM Hacks. PC is still fun, but I really miss those days of yesteryear. So many good times, friends, and memories.

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