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  1. Black_Lightning
    November 11th, 2009 5:39 PM
    my AIM id is Sentaro15
  2. Chaos Uxie
    November 11th, 2009 1:39 AM
    Chaos Uxie
    hey bro i can help u with emerald but u gotto give me ur msn id first
  3. Black_Lightning
    November 8th, 2009 6:43 AM
    well on emerald, i can't seem to beat the battle palace on my GBA
  4. Chaos Uxie
    November 8th, 2009 6:20 AM
    Chaos Uxie
    oh man thats not cool anways if need anyhelp ongaming or computer thing just vm me see ya!!!!
  5. Black_Lightning
    November 8th, 2009 6:13 AM
    nah, i have aim
  6. Chaos Uxie
    November 8th, 2009 6:12 AM
    Chaos Uxie
    well no prob but ur still a poke fan anyways do ya have msn live then send it in pm
  7. Black_Lightning
    November 8th, 2009 6:08 AM
    hey, i love pokemon, but i only have a GBA.
  8. Chaos Uxie
    November 8th, 2009 6:06 AM
    Chaos Uxie
    well helooooo there friend

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