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Conversation Between Le pug and Uncommon
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  1. Le pug
    February 17th, 2018 5:08 AM
    Le pug
    Of course, it is my pleasure. I know people want to see discovery to continue and I understand that it will forever be more popular than my other pokemon romhack. However, it is too painful to go through the romhack again after I lost all the work of the new version. A lot of love and care went into it along with custom-made tiles and sprites and everything by yours truly and I handpicked everything to be as beautiful as it could be and the scripts to be amazing and blend perfectly so to lose all that was too harsh for me to want to continue. Even to this day as I work on my other game, I think about it and I feel that I'd never go back. If I could restore my old hard drive, that would've been a different case but it is no longer required since Pleasure is doing great things with it. I am proud to have someone replace me and I am confident that he'll do well with it. I hope you've had a good year so far and I'm glad you enjoyed the romhack! (Don't forget to give fat kid a try too lol ... I know it's more of the less serious and immature side of things but it's still a great game lol). Anyways, thanks again for the kind words and it's always great to see a fan of the game express their feelings about it!
  2. Uncommon
    January 2nd, 2018 8:57 PM
    Le Pug! It's so good to see you back. I'm barely on this site any more but I wanted to say I'm super hyped to see Discovery being worked on again. A huge thank-you for the graceful transfer of the project to Pleasure and offer of your support!

    Hope life is treating you well! Happy New Year!