Conversation Between caller_100 and Oryx
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  1. caller_100
    July 28th, 2014 11:17 AM
    Eh, there's a difference between standing your ground and being mean. And that's how I felt with the "minority rights" thread, haha. Whew!
  2. Oryx
    July 28th, 2014 11:05 AM
    I might have been a little mean though. I need to pull back and calm myself down a bit. >:(
  3. caller_100
    July 28th, 2014 11:03 AM
    If I could have liked your last post on the HAES thread a thousand times, I would've. I haven't been able to comment a whole lot there because the whole weight thing is super triggering for me, but it's nice to see that someone else cares and understands.