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  1. miksy91
    January 21st, 2019 11:33 AM
    First and fourth problem are simple. Second difficult and three also very difficult, and it wouldn't make sense for me to try to explain those.

    You can change pokemon by modifying their stats. You can do this via hex editor or using some utilities available. Look for these in Skeetendo Inc. (

    Evolution methods for pokemon are such that you can easily edit with a hex editor. In order to learn how to for example manage to edit evolution methods of pokemon via hex editor, you could start off by following my rom hacking tutorial videos:

    Part 2 hands over all the information you need in order to edit the evolutions and much more. But in order to understand it, you should watch part 1 first.

    For pokecrystal disassembly, you should start at by simply reading the here:

    It covers installation guide and documentation (along with wiki which has also plenty of information). Joining #pret discord channel may also be useful.
  2. KaratGaming
    January 20th, 2019 9:37 AM
    Okay, how do you alter and change Pokemon in GSC, and how do you add new moves and items in the game, and how do you alter and change locations in Pokemon GSC, also, how do you change evolution methods in Pokemon GSC?

    How do you use Pokecrystal disassembly properly?
  3. miksy91
    January 19th, 2019 3:02 AM
    Okay. Ask away whatever you wish to know. I can't promise I have the time to go throughly in detail in every single aspect, but I can probably give you some pointers at least.

    Nonetheless, if you are interested in hacking Pokemon G/S/C, you should take time delving into disassembly editing. pokecrystal disassembly editing makes implementing certain things much easier than implementing those same things directly into a rom file using different kinds of utilities.
  4. KaratGaming
    January 17th, 2019 10:30 PM
    Hey there, I have many questions regarding romhacking Pokemon Gold and Silver.