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  1. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 1:46 PM
    Especially since they didn't bother with every Pokemon xD
    Btw, I just send you a PM.
  2. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 1:37 PM
    'oh no, it's eyebrow flaps are shorter! My life is ruined!' - nah, I'm not bothered lol xD
    Ye some gender differences are just like, why even bother =o
  3. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 1:27 PM
    Problems with Shinies: Too many choices xD
    What sucks about Serebii (and New Pokemon Snap) is that they show Sprites/Models with gender differences, but without a text next to it, I can't really tell xD I think I once found one site tho where they write what is different - forgot which is was tho (Bulbapedia? Pokewiki?)

    Other than that, I noticed in SwSh that male Milotic has shorter "Eyebrow-Hair" as you mentioned, female Luxray has less length in its spiky hair, female Sneasel has a shorter (still debating internally if I should train a male one for competitive use instead - probably will)...and I think that's about it? Most obvious ones are Hippowdown and Sandaconda. When I switch between genders in the Photodex every second, I literally stare at the mon, trying to find the differences xD

    True. In the past, I only used a few cheated mons in Ruby/Sapphire battles xD But with Sword I decided that there are a few ones that I'd love to see more often, that´s why I decided to ev train them :) So far I have a Roserade, Luxray, Azumarill and Charizard. There's one shiny Amaura that'll probably join too someday xD

    Do you regret evolving a male Milotic now or will you be able to live with it? :O
  4. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 1:09 PM
    Oh wait I see a difference, male milotic has shorter 'flaps'. Dunno what to call them.
    The things that start out as eyebrows and then like go way down. The female's are longer.
  5. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:42 PM
    Also, yeah that's the fate of most shinies. Most people don't wanna touch them at all. They do get a wee bit of xp from camping if you play with them, but like, I just can't resist it, they just look so pretty while camping =D

    At least the shiny bred Sword Team I have actually saw use for a playthrough. Guess they're the ones the best off on my end xD
  6. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:39 PM
    I actually waited with shiny breeding feebas till I had a level ball one, took me quite a while xD
    Processed a Level ball Feebas around 20 april according to my NA. Though I tend to only updated LF + NA once a week so it could've been anywhere in the week previous.
  7. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:35 PM
    *stares at serebii's milotic page to try and discover any differences between male and female.... I can't tell xD*

    Opened serebii because I cram-o-maticced an ability capsule In case I wanted to change its ability, which I think I will. Milotic seems to be a special attacker, competitive would be best for it.
    I don't intend to use it, but gonna make it better anyway xD

    In terms of trade evos, the only one I would consider shiny breeding at this point is magby for a shiny dream ball magmortar. Saw one once, it's been stuck in my head. I don't even like magmortar, but it looked so flipping good xD
    Dunno if I actually will or not though.... it's not a mon I like, I'd just be doing it for a pretty shiny, and there are still plenty mons I do like that need shiny breeding xD
  8. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 12:32 PM
    At least that's a better fate then leaving most of mine in my boxes, never to be used or seen again xD
  9. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:31 PM
    Move relearner could always relearn that.

    I'll probably never use it other than maybe play with it in pokemon camp a couple times =p
  10. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 12:29 PM
    True, I was suprised when I saw the Level ball. Looks good :)
    It tried to learn Water Pulse btw, but I said No. Just to let you know xD
  11. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 12:29 PM
    Thanks for the trade :)
  12. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:29 PM
    Thanks for the trade and helping trade evolve again =)
    Felt like level ball would look nice on shiny milotic because the colors of the top half match the tail =)
  13. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:25 PM
  14. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 12:21 PM
    I am ready. So iirc, we do only Larvitar <--> Marill and I help you evolve Feebas.
    Same code as last time.
  15. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 12:16 PM
    Feebas is gender neutral too imo, like, who cares about the fugly fish? xD
    Just would've preferred the feebas that's to be the milotic to be female because I consider MIlotic feminine. But whatever, a boy milotic will do too xD

    I'm just breeding away. Ready whenever you are