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Conversation Between ZeoStar and Soaring Sid
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  1. Soaring Sid
    January 15th, 2020 10:00 PM
    Soaring Sid
    Haha, I'd exams instead of holidays :~}
    Awwww the 3Ds incident seems tragic D: I never played FF7, and looks like FF13 isn't that popular among the FF fans ?

    Feeling lost, hmm, this sense pins us down and causes a stasis.... What if the confusion is just a part of life, so that we become wiser?

    Apparently a smile tricks the brain into feeling happy, so you could try that. I feel if you give yourself some time, you'll find a way to the future, Zeo. I pray stuff's going well for you. If you need something, you could message me.
  2. ZeoStar
    January 6th, 2020 3:14 PM
    I don't have a 3DS anymore. One of my siblings is letting me keep his for a while, when he wants it I can just mail it back. I did have one, but due to unfortunate luck we had water leaking from the roof...right onto my 3DS which was sitting directly below. It didn't survive.

    I got 100% in Majora's Mask back in the winter during 11th grade, getting all the masks and everything. I liked it enough to get the 3DS version, but it's been sitting on my shelf because I never played felt like playing it. Time was very restrictive because of after school stuff, so I only had time for one video game.

    So this is unpopular, but I didn't like FF7 that much. I played it last Summer, it was slow to me and the plot was confusing. I enjoyed 13 more because it included a log where you could read what you didn't understand about the story, and the combat system was way more engaging. (But more grindy). I haven't played 6 but maybe soon. I've been playing Mystery Dungeon.

    I'm not sure what 2020 will hold. I'm in college now but really I'm not happy. I feel lost without much direction. It was what I wanted to avoid when I left high-school, but it happened.

    Also yes Holiday season was nice. Did you enjoy it? And I'm glad to hear your exams went well. :-)
  3. Soaring Sid
    January 2nd, 2020 8:28 AM
    Soaring Sid
    FF13!! Wow! Oh yeah my exams went well except for physics, and I'm trying to improve myself haha.

    My 3DS is with my cousins, they need it for playing Majora's Mask as they broke the one they had. They won't buy another 3DS, but might go for a Switch as it's new. I'll be getting it back in a few days max, they'll be coming to town for a few days. Golden Sun is my only experience in FInal Fantasy-like games, with summons, turn-based battles, special abilities, a story, etc. COming to FF, I'll be dealing with FF6 advance shortly (Emulator).

    Have you got any plans for 2020? And did you enjoy the holiday season?
  4. ZeoStar
    December 29th, 2019 6:10 PM
    I hope the exams went well for you :-). This semester was personally very stressing, and I'm glad it's over for me. I've felt a huge weight has been lifted.

    I haven't played Golden Sun, although I've heard about it. I finished Final Fantasy 13 yesterday. It's also been a while since I've done a nuzlocke. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to the 3DS? Since you mentioned not having it.
  5. Soaring Sid
    December 25th, 2019 11:53 PM
    Soaring Sid
    Aye, good to know that it was good! Thanks for the wishes! It's great speaking to you, by the way :D All my exams went well except for physics, and another series of exams will begin from the 28th.

    It wasn't bad, but it wasn't special either. I was busy studying and got some time to play Golden Sun: The Lost Age. (If I'd have my 3ds, I'd have continued the ORAS Nuzlocke) My aunt is going to stay with us for a week, so we'll have a pleasant time. Nothing else.
  6. ZeoStar
    December 25th, 2019 4:20 PM
    Thank you, Merry Christmas!!

    Good luck on the testing, I'm sure you'll be okay. Christmas was nice. How was it for you if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Soaring Sid
    December 25th, 2019 7:16 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Merry Christmas, Zeo!
  8. Soaring Sid
    December 23rd, 2019 3:38 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Thanks for the wishes! Except for the physics test, all of them went well. And completely being dependent on tests does hurt, it was that way for us last year, but they changes it to homework plus tests this time around.

    We got two days off for Christmas, after which testing will resume again. And then the external examiners (this from other schools) will evaluate our practical skills, so I expect January to be a tight month.

    Have you got any plans for this Christmas?
  9. ZeoStar
    December 16th, 2019 9:55 AM
    When I mention breaks, I mean we do get Christmas and Spring, as well as Thanksgiving. Aside from that, it's nonstop from the start of the semester until the end. Our school usually doesn't even close for many federal holidays, which is strange.

    That was one of the issues. We had a very loose outline to study from, but it wasn't helping me on the tests. Any sort of practice would have helped, including homework. Unfortunately we didn't get homework either, so everything counted on those tests.

    I can't remember when I joined. It feels like it's been forever. I'm pretty sure I joined the Social Media Team early this year, maybe February...I just checked and it was January 27th. Nearly a year.

    Also I wish you the best on the testing. I'm glad you get preparation.

    Oh and don't stress over responding late. There's not a hurry or anything, just go ahead and respond when you feel like it.
  10. Soaring Sid
    December 16th, 2019 3:55 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Soooorrrry for the late response! It hurts to know you guys don't have breaks :( But you know where you went wrong, which is a positive part of it. We've got practice test upcoming, which are like the buffed up versions of actual finals. so we prepare better. I know you're not hurt, but I believe if you overthink stuff you mightn't feel better. Wonder if it would be nice if you could do those questions where you went wrong again for practice...

    When did you join the Social Media team, by the way?
  11. ZeoStar
    December 13th, 2019 9:44 AM
    I'm not too hurt by it. I don't like the thought of failing, but there's not much else I could have done.

    Breaks are difficult in college since all the assignments come in such a rapid succession. I know where it went wrong. I messed up a test early and it became impossible to fix my grade. We had under 6 graded assignments for the class, so when I failed the first big test my grade was already beyond repair.

    My English class was the opposite. We were getting so many essays and reading assignments, I neglected that other class. And I underestimated how difficult the tests would be in there.
  12. Soaring Sid
    December 12th, 2019 3:49 AM
    Soaring Sid
    I understand, I faced the same problem last year :( But let's hope to become stronger by learning from our mistakes. A burden will be lifted, as you said. Don't forget to take breaks, though.
  13. ZeoStar
    December 11th, 2019 3:18 PM
    It probably didn't go well, but I tried my best. Easily the hardest class I've ever been in since everything is almost 100% unfamiliar to me.
  14. Soaring Sid
    December 11th, 2019 5:37 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Nice timing! Now then, hope you are full of confidence for the exams as well! I will check out Chael Sonnen, now that you say he’s hilarious, hehe.
  15. ZeoStar
    December 10th, 2019 6:38 PM
    One of his quotes was "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was." So he wasn't short of confidence. But honestly, while he was probably the best at talking he isn't my favorite to listen to. My favorite is Chael Sonnen. I just think he's hilarious. But yes Tyson literally took a piece of his ear from the bite. Videos surface around of it online, though I've seen it and it's just as gross as it sounds.

    For me, I played Gen 3 in very early childhood. By that, I mean when I was about 4 years old. Despite getting into Pokemon early, my interest fell off. So I missed out on gens 4 and 5, and didn't get back into it until the Hoenn remakes. Which is why I like gen 6 so much, it revived my interest in the franchise. I hope they don't change Barry too much. I'd worry they might turn him into one of those rivals without a personality.

    Finals tomorrow (Unfortunately). Then more next week. I guess a weight will be lifted when they end.

    Oh and thanks for adding me. It was funny timing since I was about to do it the other night, but put it off until the next day. Only to find you added me first.
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