Conversation Between jbs829 and Cyclone
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  1. Cyclone
    November 5th, 2012 8:39 PM
    I see you're online now. Whatcha got on offer for that trade back and forth? Maybe I can sweeten it by throwing in something else for the initial trade, or perhaps I can even evolve my Graveler into Golem (a Lv.69 beast I think) and clear those entries from your eventual National Dex if your point in the game doesn't allow much in terms of an offer. :)

    I'll leave it up to you, but I can also come and go from the room a couple of times (about ten minutes each, possibly shorter) to clone Magmortar and Golem, if you want it (or you can also clone Golem yourself if you can). Most of the leveling work is already done, and it could handle in-game battles easily (except the final Gym with Water types). This means we both gain a bonus from the trade; I have a Magby to evolve still to Magmar, but I don't have to trade it around then; meanwhile, you get a free copy of my Golem, whose evolution line is not in B2/W2 at all (their habitat was destroyed when Challenger's Cave collapsed, while the Riolu somehow escaped). :) The only downside is your copy of Golem won't obey you properly until you have five or six badges, and one levelup later will disobey you again until the next badge, so it'll be mostly for end-of-game preparation (like having it beat up everything while someone else holds an Exp Share) or for Victory Road/the Pokémon League itself if you feel it useful. (If you were to want to use one sooner in the game, I can catch a second untouched one as well, but they start at Lv.47.)

    Oh, and if you're worried I'll make off with your, that's my only Lv.69 Graveler, too. You have my word I'll be back with it. I mean, we'd both have to recatch our original Pokémon if I didn't! :) I have a Lv.1 Geodude with Egg moves, but I'd rather not start over on that one.