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  1. ZeoStar
    21 Hours Ago 12:47 PM
    I almost added Pancham, until realizing I have a Talonflame. I didn't want the feeling of forming a random Kalos team. I'm so desperate for an electric type that I seriously might go all the way back and get a mareep. EXP share nullifies grinding. My only regret would be not doing this earlier. I might look up the different electric types, because none encountered so far appeal to me.

    Oh. It wasn't meant as anything negative. I can see how I came across that way. I think it's natural. I spent so many years with that community. I joined in 2010 when I was underage, and stuck with that community for a very long time. It's normal here to feel like an outsider. So much unfamiliarity and it's way bigger. I'm thankful you and others would still speak me with me of course.

    Mood wise, I'm perfectly doing fine. In high spirits.
  2. Sheep
    1 Day Ago 10:25 PM
    Electivire is ehh.. not my thing either. Neither is Magmortar it just looks too weird and not very good. :x Mareep would be the best! I totally approve!! Can't believe Legends is so close either, time is flying ;__;

    Aww, that sucks. Yeah I remember when Flash was a big part of the web and it dying is still pretty major news to me. Big websites I visited all the time as a kid (like Neopets) relied on it, and now they're forced to update everything to be more modern. Understandably of course, but still..! rip part of childhood

    You definitely fit in, I can say that much <3 I know sometimes it can be hard to feel positively about yourself if you struggle with mental health (as someone who does also I totally get it) but I'm not lying when I say that to you. You're super valued here.

    (omg those titles... T__T This honestly is so sad to read. Makes me think of other communities that shut down over the years too, must have been really sad for people who got attached to them.. ><)
  3. ZeoStar
    1 Day Ago 3:52 PM
    Yeah that's different perspectives. I don't mind alternative accounts or care about keeping my files together. If you have Pokemon Bank (pokemon home? i'm not up to date). you could just transfer the team to your main account at the end. It's an idea...i think. I'm not sure if that would work on the same switch.

    I didn't like that about Sword/Shield. Onix shouldn't be the size of my trainer. I'm still hesitant to use Pokemon I don't like. I desperately need something for water types, but I don't care much for Eletevire. I could trek backwards and get a mareep, if it's available in moon. Legends of Arceus is approaching closer, I'm very excited for this one now. I've heard positive things.

    The kongregate flash gaming forum. Flash shut down in 2020. They sold themselves to a mobile gaming company, who knocked out the social features of the website, including the forums. The main appeal was being a very sociable website, so it's like the plug is being pulled. It'll be gone within a year I predict. Sad, because I grew up on it. I made my account after I turned 10 years old. Pokecommunity is nice, but there are times I feel like an outsider. I didn't join here until way later than most of the regulars. I spent the majority of my years online with that other community. Sorry for the ramble. You can tell what was happening by the thread titles.
  4. Sheep
    2 Days Ago 11:11 PM
    I didn't want to make a new one since I prefer all my files be attached to the primary account, especially if I want to do any online things since I have NSO on my main account. ;o; But it's definitely an option if I get desperate!

    That's a good teab tbh!! Exeggutor is an awesome alolan and I wanna use it at some point too but yeah it's catchable a bit late lol. I love how it's too big to even fit in the screen, pretty cool to see a model that large, especially knowing they usually scale the big Pokémon models down (so Wailord looks smaller than it should be for example).

    omg, what forum was it? ; ; awww that sucks :(
  5. ZeoStar
    3 Days Ago 2:52 PM
    I played Let's Go Pikachu until Sabrina. Kanto is one of my lesser favorite regions. You don't have to restart your file. You can just create an alternate switch account. I love the art style, and the following pokemon scale in size too.

    My fire type is a Fletchinder. I was stuck using Flame Charge. I think it'll be fine when she evolves, and likely my only loss towards him. My team is Brionne, Mudbray, Fletchinder, and Misdreavus. I'm on the third island. In that phase where everything is about to evolve so I'm expecting a huge power boost. I need something to deal with water types, and I want to use an alolan form. I'm thinking about Exeggutor, but it comes late.

    There was one forum I stuck around on (it just shut down for good yesterday), the highest post count was 42,500. Also considering I do get messages on here frequently is enough to keep me around, it gives me something to do when I log on and don't feel like posting.

    I did finish Final Fantasy 8. The entire gimmick of the final boss was that she had a bunch of moves that bring your entire party to 1 HP.
  6. Sheep
    4 Days Ago 3:07 AM
    You should play them :3 I'm not the biggest fan of not being able to battle wild Pokémon but the gameplay was still pretty fun, plus it was really cute. I wanna replay it honestly, but don't wanna restart my file.. but may do it anyway.

    oof!! Yeah Leafeon has a good defense stat, but its special defense is pretty low so fire/ice works well against it. I really liked using it in DPPt because of the awesome attack + defense! Sorry you're struggling against it though, hope you find a solution ;w; What's your team right now?

    Oh dang yeah 10k is a lot. I still can't believe I'm so much above that at this point, no lifing for many years ftw :D I'll be there to celebrate when/if you hit that!!!
  7. ZeoStar
    4 Days Ago 1:20 PM
    I might play Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee instead. I never finished those. I agree with what you said. I would prefer playing old games on an original console. That's an unfortunate downside of being born in the 2000's. Those consoles and cartridges are insanely expensive. My only option is hoping they are kind enough to add them on virtual console. Or emulation. And they discontinued virtual console for switch.

    Hau had a leafon. Even with a fire type, it was just too bulky. I still don't have an electric or grass type, so i'm avoiding the water routes and fishermen.

    It's been a goal for me to hit 1,000 for a long time. I started at 400. Over a year and I progressed to 900. This next thing isn't a goal, but I noticed I'm nearing 10,000 posts on here on pokecommunity. If I make 2,000 more. I never thought I would stay on a forum for that long, as I usually drift.
  8. Sheep
    5 Days Ago 11:29 PM
    Yellow is worth it, I know people like to emulate but there's just something so cozy about playing games on their original consoles. I still need to beat mine and buy Crystal at some point too I think, not sure when though. But totally worth the price!!

    And wow, really? I'm not sure I lost to Hau before but I had no idea it kept going after that :O I thought you'd black out and have to start over.

    I do like some of the leaked mons but some of them are soo weird. Like that Sneasel thing? Its legs are so long and I'm just like omg whyyy must this exist. I hope I like it more than I do now because I just....really...don't like it....

    also! congrats that is just awesome!!!
  9. ZeoStar
    5 Days Ago 4:47 PM
    Oh. I looked up some dates. Pokemon Snap actually came before Pokemon Stadium. Also, New Pokemon Snap came out April 30th 2021, and Pokemon Stadium came out April 30th 1999. Maybe that was intentional? I wish I could have experienced Stadium. N64 emulation isn't very good. I might buy Pokemon Yellow on my 2DS.

    I lost to Hau. The game actually continues like nothing happened, except it removes his dialogue about being defeated. I looked at some of the leaks. I like Samurott and dislike Typhlosion. Did the leaks influence your decision at all?

    Wow. I didn't know it had a mobile version. I'm going to charge up my phone just so I can see this. Unrelated, but I'm closing in on a 1,000 chess rating. I've been trying to do this for a year and a half, off and on. It's exciting.
  10. Sheep
    6 Days Ago 12:46 AM
    Yeah back then Snap was soo good. We only had the first couple of gens so Snap was absolutely amazing looking when all we had to compare to were pixels. my friend and I played soo much ;3;

    There have been so many leaks, I'm honestly overwhelmed! Not the biggest fan of some of the leaked Pokémon but hopefully once I see them in the game they will look a bit better..... can't believe it's coming up so soon aaaaaah

    And it was just super clunky. The camera was weird, the world was very bland, how to do things was very unclear, etc. It was clearly made in a rush with little effort, and I'm surprised it even got released. Fantasy Life was awesome back in the day too, even if I never actually finished mine.. woops ;__; I think there's a mobile version of FL now but not sure it's rated massively well?
  11. ZeoStar
    6 Days Ago 2:52 PM
    The original Pokemon Snap didn't have many pokemon. I played it on the Wii Virtual Console. I still liked it. It doesn't look very pretty though. I guess for the time it must have been cool seeing the pokemon in 3D

    I haven't lost a battle yet, i'm getting curious if I will make it through the game without whiting out. I'm very excited for Legends Arceus. There's much information now coming out about the game, and it looks so fun.

    I don't know what Hometown Story is so I looked it up. The reviews are quite low. As far as 'life sim' goes, there's a game called Fantasy Life which seems to be the most popular (excluding animal crossing). Why didn't you like it?

    I did play Xenoblade right before and my expectations for FF10 might have been a bit too high. That was a great game.
  12. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 10:55 PM
    Yeah New Snap isn't for everyone, it's a slow game which can bore some people. Personally I liked the original a lot so I was super happy to have this one! Nothing will top the original though, as gorgeous as this one looks. too much nostalgia there <3

    Lurantis was pretty tough from what I remember!! I picked Popplio so of course it wouldn't be easy ahah. glad you managed to win :3

    awww it sucks when you don't like a game much, I'm sorry T_T But managing to beat it anyway is a big feat, good on you! Now you can easily say you played through it all and still didn't like it lol. Some games get better later but I guess that wasn't one of them. I was the same with Hometown Story, think I got it as a gift from someone? Maybe? But it was just...such a bad game. T__T
  13. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 10:34 PM
    I can understand. That's why I've been hurrying to finish FF8. I likely won't want to play it anymore when the legends game releases. I haven't played New Pokemon Snap much either. I was desperate for a speed up button, unless maybe I missed something because I don't think it had one. I quit about halfway through.

    I finished the grass trial this morning (on my first try). I guess I'll box butterfree soon. It's sad, but these early bug types do tend to struggle the more you hold onto them. I caught a fletchinder. It was difficult. The ally totem pokemon knew rock blast. Lurantis had power herb solar blade + synthesis. I got lucky with confuse ray.

    Not sure. I didn't play FF14, or FF15. I played FF13 because it was raining and I was bored. I ended up beating the entire game. Then I tried 6 (it was good). 7 was okay, the remake was much better. I like 8 more than 7, but less than 6. SNES graphics are pretty looking. They remind me of indie games.

    I really didn't have fun playing 10. I've probably mentioned that already. Then forced myself to finish because I used a $50 birthday gift card.
  14. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 8:44 PM
    I'll start with 11 I think, appreciate the suggestions :D But first I need to go through some other things like the extra New Snap courses that were added a few months ago and Legends since that's coming soon.. oof

    Bagon is such a pain to level, omg! That's why I didn't use it or anything similar either, just wasn't up for how slow it would be to get it evolved. I guess a pseudo legendary is a good reward for struggling to evolve it in most of the game, lol. How far in are you now?

    Ooh yeah I never got into FF much either, except a very small range of games. So I can't comment much on FF8.. are you interested in that new one coming later on, FF16 I think? The director for the game is the producer for FFXIV, which is one of my favorite games of all time, so I'm curious to see how it'll go. If it's good may have to pick it up too!!
  15. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 4:01 PM
    Oh. I wasn't actually meaning to convince, more so was just talking about it. That's nice though. I would definitely play 11 first. If you liked 11, 8 is the most similar. 7 is one of the lengthiest RPG's of all time. It's on 3DS, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you like the series. It's $39.99 and can start to feel like a commitment.

    I just started the grass trial. I have a Brionne, Misdreavus, Mudbray, and a Butterfree. It's not a great team for this. None of the volcano fire types interested me. I thought about picking up bagon, but not in the mood to go through 50 levels this time. I'll get some sort of alolan form. I already used alolan muk last time.

    I've never heard of wicked. Not surprising because I haven't read many books. I'm reading a horror novel by Stephen King. I was worried about my comprehension not being up to par, because it's been so long since I've read a novel. It's been perfectly fine.

    Have never played sudoku either. I still play chess online most days, sometimes i just solve chess puzzles. Nothing to do with trying to improve memory, mostly it's fun and keeps me entertained. I'm almost finished with Final Fantasy 8. I might complete it tonight. It's okay. I like it more than most of them. Having been born in the 2000's, I don't have nostalgic feelings for many 'classic' titles. I still love trying them. Pokemon Red/Blue were so charming. The pokemon felt and looked much more like real world animals.