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  1. Squirtlenator
    4 Days Ago 11:13 AM
  2. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 6:37 PM
    I.. did not expect to become so emotional reading your post in the christian club. Thank you for taking the time to explain these things to me — it means a lot. I don’t know where the journey of faith will take me, if anywhere at all, but your words really had an impact on me, so thank you. ♡

    I also noticed you capitalized God, while I didn’t in my post. I hope that wasn’t offensive and I’m sorry if it was.
  3. Squirtlenator
    2 Weeks Ago 8:26 AM
  4. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 2:16 PM
  5. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 1:37 PM
  6. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 6:29 AM
    No rush and no pressure. Just take your time. I was just letting you know
  7. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 9:41 PM
    Omg okay gimme like 80 meenyears lol.
  8. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 8:30 PM
    Just letting you know that I finished my half of the VPP post count
  9. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 4:32 PM
    You are most welcome <33
  10. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 4:29 PM
    that's most certainly true! i've got a lot to be proud of and a lot of live for so I know that going back to drugs will never be an option for me -- especially when I have such a great support system with friends, family, and PC. Thanks for the pep talk. <33
  11. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 4:27 PM
    I think that you're A LOT stronger than you realize. You know first hand what the alternative is, you lived it but, you have things in your life now to keep you looking and moving forward. I believe in you Jo and I know that the temptations will always be there but, you can beat them!
  12. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 4:08 PM
    haha, blank canvas, I see what you did there :p

    addiction is.. a more complex beast than "normal" mistakes; like getting a speeding ticket or accidentally telling a secret you were supposed to keep. And even though I made a fresh start for myself years ago now, I will forever exist on this plane where I know I could just get high and make my problems go away. It's changed the chemistry of my brain permanently and in no uncertain terms. I dunno, I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know.. it's just still a struggle and the moment I let my guard down is the moment that "well, maybe one drink would be okay" or "I haven't had a cigarette in 11 years! i'll just get one pack" is the moment I've already begun the cycle all over again. The only rush I get that's nearly as close is being able to help others and spread positivity.

    oof i made this a downer didn't I? ahhh sorry ;w;
  13. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 3:48 PM
    What's really helped me to get over some of my past faults, mistakes, regrets is remembering that the past is the past. It's done. There's nothing that I can do to change what happened. I can learn from it, so I don't make the same mistakes but, I can't change it. Knowing that is the first step and it puts so much into perspective. The future, on the other hand - and you'll appreciate this - is a blank canvas yet to be determined. It's a fresh start. A clean slate. Learn from the past and apply that knowledge to create a future that you're happy with.
  14. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 3:34 PM
    Truthfully, my nature is to be humble and wave off your compliments if I'm being honest.. but thank you. It makes me so glad that I could make anyone's day just a little bit better. Not to get all wrapped up in psychology.. but I think it's kinda tough for me to accept positive things about myself when in my head I still feel so close to that young drug addict who brought nothing but negativity to the world rather than enriched it, you know? But doing small favors for people (especially when it involves my art!) and just being pleasant makes my heart full again and that's worth its weight in gold to me. Thank you for your kind words.. it really does mean a lot to me.
  15. Squirtlenator
    3 Weeks Ago 3:25 PM
    Not just me. I'm confident that you make a positive impact on every single person that you come into contact with. You ARE a beautiful human being and this world is SO fortunate to have you in it. Much love to you Jo <<<333