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  1. Sheep
    2 Days Ago 2:34 PM
    Omg yeah I read today! But still, that’s such a small number. Birth control pills for women also have a clot risk and my friend was on one of the ones with a slightly higher risk than even others for 10 years, and had no issues. I’ve never had issues either. Hopefully you can get another or something soon @[email protected] millions of people have gotten these vaccines so 6 doesn’t seem like much, but still, I can understand the worry. All medication does have risks.

    It’s not so much the pizza itself but more that many food places use cheap oils that have trans fat to make them, which is horrible for people and can lead to heart attacks among other things. Same for baked products. It’s upsetting how many people don’t realize and just eat all this bad stuff, makes me so sad and I wish I could educate everyone D:

    Yeah I think new games were around 30 for the gbc, 40 for gba/ds, and now it’s a whopping 60 and consoles are at least 2x more expensive, ugh.

    Yaya Okami was good!! I got the switch ver on sale and still need to finish it though, but I did play the original on ps2 ~
  2. ZeoStar
    2 Days Ago 6:16 AM
    I'm not sure what's happening. I was supposed to get the Johnson vaccine tomorrow but it was just put on pause here in the U.S due to blood clotting issues found in 6 women who received the shot. My uncle said he would contact them and see if they can just give me one of the alternatives.

    I wasn't aware of pizza causing heart issues. I guess there's a few other foods I could think of that are equally unhealthy, one that comes to mind is bacon. So Bacon Pizza must be twice as unhealthy. I do have some issues with reflux (inherited). So I never want to eat more than 3 slices anyways or I'd probably get an upset stomach. I don't know enough about nutrition, I've always just kind of...eaten whatever. My metabolism hasn't slowed, so I haven't had to worry about weight yet.

    To be honest I think they just slap the $60 price tag on all major franchise games. I have no idea about what prices looked like 20 years ago. Since I wasn't born yet during the N64 era, I was only able to play them on Virtual Console for the Wii. I assumed all N64 games must have been $10 each because that's what they cost on the Wii. Actually that was a silly way of thinking. I guess they must have been around $30 or $40. I bought Okami because it was only $20 on switch. (will give me something to do if the vaccine makes me sick).
  3. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 2:42 AM
    hope it goes well!! someone I know has been feeling sick from it, but their sibling felt nothing at all. it's so hard to know how it'll affect you @[email protected] I'll probably get that one too despite side effects though, one shot seems soo much better than two....

    I love pizza typically but try not to eat it much anymore. Only had it once in the last 1-2 years. A lot of it is made with bad oils, especially in the states, the kind that can lead to heart issues if consumed often enough. Every once in a while is okay though, and my fav are ones with lotsa cheese!!

    but yeah, Snap is definitely expensive. It's very pretty but I do wonder how prices are calculated now. Surely a game like SwSh has more content ultimately, especially since there are more mons to collect, but spinoffs still tend to be the same price. I'll buy it anyway but it stinks knowing salaries have hardly changed in the last 20 years, yet games went up in price $20+. oof

    (congrats on that rise, oooo!!)
  4. ZeoStar
    4 Days Ago 4:11 AM
    I actually got my confirmed vaccine date (Wednesday). So...two days. I'll be getting j&j so only one shot. But I heard it can have some strong side effects, -_-
  5. ZeoStar
    5 Days Ago 1:27 PM
    Dark chocolate is pretty much the only kind I eat. Chocolate is also one of those things that when you eat a little, it's hard to put down. Same thing with pizza. I don't branch out to much with that either (I don't even like pepperoni). But I always eat stuffed crust. I wish I could try the pizza in new york. One of the things I want to do most.

    It looks like Pokemon snap will also be $60. I can afford it, but I also don't want to pay much for a game that might be really short. (The N64 title was not a long game). And I know it's only going to have a fraction of the pokemon. The sad thing about nintendo, they have a tendency to never lower prices.

    Yeah anxiety has a weird way of making things worse than they are. Like I know it's just going to be a fast pinch, but my mind just pictures it over and over again. I think the anticipation is worse than the actual injection. It also gives me anxiety checking my email knowing at any moment my turn could be ready. I'm nervous about the side effects too.

    But yeah my chess rating is currently 854 ELO. I started the year at 350 and went down to 328. Ever since then I've practiced and studied, and it's put me on a rise. Here's my stat rating from the last 90 days:
  6. Sheep
    6 Days Ago 1:13 AM
    The only chocolate I like is dark chocolate
    omg twins, I thought I was the only one on the planet who preferred dark over the others ahahah
    I didn't get any discounts but it might be a few weeks after easter, so we'll keep checking over the next few weeks. Hopefully they'll have some this year T_T

    And yeah, $60 does seem like a lot for a Mystery Dungeon game... though there's a lot to do if you plan to be a completionist/do most of the post game. My bf has it so I can just play his though lol, fortunately.

    And omg I know. ;-; I understand!! I'm not scared of needles but I'm really scared of side effects. It's tough to be anxious people like us but honestly, we'll be ok. So many millions of people have gotten the vaccine already and are all perfectly fine.

    daaang, from bottom 25% to the 50%s? that's awesome!!)
  7. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 12:10 PM
    The only chocolate I like is dark chocolate, but I don't mind caramel either. I like peanut butter flavor stuff too. Did you ever get the discounted chocolate? Also hope your easter went okay

    I'm not overly familiar with Switch Kirby games. Like I get them mixed up between what's 3DS kirby and Switch kirby. I did want Mystery Dungeon DX, but I decided the $60 is just too much. I haven't played Gates to Infinity either, which is something I want to try.

    Since I'm getting my vaccination soon, I'll probably end up turning on korra. Just anything to get my mind off things if I get side effects. My anxiety over receiving it is horrible. I'm just not someone who likes needles either.

    I did go above the average on (currently 50.4%). It's been so cool progressing, knowing at the beginning of the year I was in the bottom 2%. Buuut everybody reaches a peak eventually, so something I've wondered with myself is when I'll reach my highest possible.
  8. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 7:53 AM
    Happy easter!! :D I am waiting for it to end so I can buy discount chocolate hehe ~

    Ooh I have Triple Deluxe too! That was cute. Want the Switch Kirby games too, one day when I beat my many other games lol ; ;

    and gosh I hope we won't get another timeskip-esque series for Avatar, that's a bit too same-y. But I wouldn't mind seeing more of what happened to Korra after the last episode. How her life went after? Without a huge timeskip?
  9. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 3:45 PM
    happy easter!

    You get messages so quickly i had to click the next page to see what the conversation was about. Kirby was mentioned, I do have Kirby Triple Deluxe now which is a really cute game. I was one year old when Pokemon Crystal released in North America, so not something I got to experience. However I did order a cartridge of silver online, and got to play pokemon crystal through virtual console. (Not a huge gold fan, i like lugia more than ho-oh).

    I feel like I dreamed something about the avatar series...but I can't remember it. I'm interested in a series between korra and avatar since there was a huge time skip. But I have a feeling the next series would be another time skip with an old korra.
  10. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 12:32 PM
    I heard, it's horrible and never ends. T_T and omg seriously? That's insane. I'd be terrified. Those poor students never saw it coming... ugh. so awful.

    ty for suggestion! I'll look at it. though I use Mac and idk how many work for it aha D: and yeah Pokémon games are so pricey even if they're old, it's pretty crazy how much of a collector's item they are now lol. I still gave my copies but I wonder how many of them still properly work. I think my Crystal started having issues with the battery years ago.

    good luck if you want to get through it!! But don't force yourself if it's uncomfortable of course, though I'm sure you know that @[email protected]

    Yes it would! Idk if I should play it first or first do Red or Blue Rescue Team. feels like it would be nice to try those too, since they were first
  11. ZeoStar
    2 Weeks Ago 2:56 PM
    Yeah, mass shootings are already making headlines again since places started reopening. Not sure if you receive U.S news over there, but it's a shame. In 11th grade a boy got through security at our school with a gun, he wounded a boy and executed a girl in the middle of a hallway.

    Nope, no problems with crashing...aside from when I played Kirby. It would crash after I played a level. If you want a good phone emulator, Drastic plays DS games almost perfectly. It's $4.99, but it's really good. I do prefer buying the actual games, but they can be insane with the prices. Like, $100-200 for some old games. Heartgold/SoulSilver are notoriously expensive now.

    If you remember I mentioned horror games, I finally found the one that gets to me. I just can't do Subnautica. (having thalassophobia). This game legit makes me freeze up. Still trying to push through anyways. If I can finish this I'll be proud of it.

    Let me know if you try explorers of sky. Would it be your first time playing it?
  12. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 11:46 AM
    oooh, that sounds neat! never been either but there are so many pretty states and cities out there ;o; America is such a nice looking place, shame about all the problems we have with it :(

    that's cool! never had any problems with them have you? like crashing? I always had issues with crashes and stuff when I emulated @[email protected];

    Be warned if you pick Eevee as your partner. It has "Runaway" as an ability, so it'll abandon you when it's health gets into yellow. I played through the entire story with it, and it can be a challenge.
    LOL... I would never have thought of this. I think I'll avoid Eevee now, thank you D: oof
  13. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 1:54 PM
    So we probably aren't going to New York, my family decided on Tennessee so that's pretty cool. I've actually never been to that state, but we are going to check out the theme parks and such stuff.

    This is going to sound strange...but my answer is both. I purchased a "multicart" which is a bunch of rom's loaded onto an actual DS cart. So I can play emulated games on my real DS. Before that I played Mystery Dungeon on my phone and treated it like a mobile game. It actually worked out pretty well. Buut I wasn't very good at Mystery Dungeon and had to use save states to see the story. Be warned if you pick Eevee as your partner. It has "Runaway" as an ability, so it'll abandon you when it's health gets into yellow. I played through the entire story with it, and it can be a challenge.

    It's okay. I don't wonder about it so no stress. I'm not perfect either. Sometimes I'm immediate, other times I take a few days...(or a week).
  14. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 4:03 AM
    Nope :D that's too tourist-y for most locals, we kind of leave it to the tourists to check out lol. Not too interested in it.

    Ohh wow really? I actually heard taxi drivers tend to be a bit ruder as well as more expensive. There are definitely weird uber drivers out there though, but I don't think it's unsafe. not for everyone though and I respect that!

    and yesss I plan to play the post game! the game wouldn't keep complete otherwise. do you emulate or play physical?

    awwww Zeo... ;_; <3 of course!! sometimes it takes me days to reply because I forget or get distracted but that's normal for me and definitely not on purpose, if you wonder why I am slow sometimes! I'm happy to keep talking to you for all this time!!! \o/
  15. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 8:37 PM
    Oh have you seen the Statue of Liberty then? That's one of the things I've always wanted to do. If my family does visit new york this summer i'll send you a picture of it on here.

    My family doesn't trust uber, so we usually taxi if possible (on family vacations). Otherwise, since we don't live in a city uber isn't a big thing here. But yeah I get it. My family goes to Baltimore all the time and that is not a safe place at all. Definitely don't want to be there walking at night. If you can get past that, it's a lovely port city.

    Yes Sky is a very emotional game. As someone who rarely ever cries, that game almost got me. But as a heads up, you have to play the post game. The post game is not so much a post game, but a continuation of the main story. But yes, this game has one of the greatest stories. This is coming from a big fan of plot heavy games.

    But also I wanted to say thanks for these messages. I try not to talk your ear off (I do it for some people). Every message I get on Pokecommunity means the world to me. I cherish everybody on here. As someone who hasn't felt the best about themselves recently (depression and all that lame stuff), I always log off feeling better than I did.