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  1. CiCi
    May 25th, 2021 9:13 AM
    Oh, your poor baby boy :( Having to go through so much, and 13 always seems so young even though it's the average lifespan of most pups. It's far too soon. I'm glad that you made the decision to give him his angel medicine, as the vet who visited us called it. He deserved peace, even though it's very hard to make that decision. There's no point in prolonging a dog's suffering when you can end things in a dignified way. And in a bittersweet way, that also leaves room to rescue more animals who need you just as much as your old pup did, even if it takes a long time to move on and feel comfortable enough to do so.

    It only took me a month after my old dog, Tachi, died to get Briggs. But then, I was also aware that he was geriatric and not going to live much longer, so I came to terms with his death a bit easier I think. With Briggs, things went so fast so suddenly that I'm sure, especially with everything else going on, it will take me much longer to rescue another.

    Briggs passed peacefully in our backyard at around 11:30 am this May 25th, 2021. The vet was a very kind and gentle man who even cried a little over our baby's death, alongside my husband and myself. I made sure to tell him that he's doing invaluable work and that people like us need people like him. He opened up to us about his own dog passing about a month ago, and how one of his colleagues came to his home to perform the at-home euthanasia for him. He said it gave him a new respect for the practice, and renewed his love for giving pets and pet parents such an option. I hope that man lives a healthy and happy life despite his stressful and heartbreaking line of work.

    Ah now that you've refreshed my memory, I do indeed remember that it was your mother with the issues (and I know you mentioned your dad who basically acts like nothing is wrong, haha. What a strong man he must be). I also recall you saying she can be a bit of a stubborn pain, lol. People and their quirks. Glad to hear she's healing well and is doing the things she loves to do. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, though. The fact that we both had these traumatic events happening at the same time would certainly explain why our Discord went silent. Which is fine! We both completely understand. The healing process can be hell and sometimes it's hard to keep up with things. But at least you have Prince to help get you through anything life throws at you. He's such a good and loving boy, and very beautiful.

    I'm hoping the best for you, Sam. Keep on trucking through 2021 and eventually we'll show it who's boss. Even if that means we just survive until 2022. Take that, 2021.
  2. VisionofMilotic
    May 25th, 2021 7:17 AM
    Oh my goodness, I'm so, so sorry CiCi to hear about Briggs! Seemed like a such a sweet one, and things seem to be getting a little better when I read that he was eatting chicken, and putting some weight back on. This is heart-breaking. I see how much you love your boy, and all that you went through to keep him alive and well until it was no longer possible to give him the quality of life he deserved, and you gave him as a peaceful send off. How you must be hurting now.

    My Cinnamon Shepherd was euthanized. He had a rectal prolapse, but because he was already an old dog 13+ years they did not believe they could successfully perform the surgery. When the doctors examined him to see if they could help him he started bleeding from the nose, which alerted them that more was wrong. In a follow up procedure they saw what they were 90% sure were cancerous lymph nodes on his neck during the exam, and he was rapidly degenerating to the point that he couldn't walk. He still had the prolapse on him, and if something wasn't done it would turn into gangrene, but he would probably die on the operating table if they tried, and even if he came through he was still dying of cancer and clearly weak and constant pain, couldn't move, so rather than try to prolong the suffering with invasive surgery the kindest thing we were told to do was euthanasia. It was very hard, I wanted whatever was best for him though. I don't like to talk about that, but you are someone I wanted to open up about to let you know that I have had something similar happen to my family. I respect what you did CiCi, and it sounds like he's not going to suffer anymore. I am sending you a hug and love and support my friend. I'm thinking about you and Briggs today, he was a special dog and I'm glad you found each other.

    I'm sorry also to hear about the loss of your grandmother this year. I remember last we spoke on discord that you were worried she might go back to the hospital again, and I am sad to hear that this was the case. My cousin died around the same time this winter his heart gave out, and it killed some of my motivation to do things for a while, but I'm feeling better now, and I still have survived a lot these last few months. My mother came through a spinal surgery for a herniated neck disk around the holidays, and that was likely the event I was talking about from last I messaged you on discord. She was disabled from a car wreck when I was kid, and has always had some issues related to that accident, but this surgery was really helpful. She walks, drives, gardens, and is healing up very nicely. My dad had some heart surgery last autumn he still is dealing with arthymia but he's spry and happy, and just retired this summer and enjoying this new phase of life and feeling well enough to travel. I still have my beloved Prince of the Pyrenees, and am in good health myself, getting my covid vaccine tomorrow. I see myself as overall blessed and very fortunate.

    You too have a lot of love around you with family, a new baby coming, your marriage and I am see many good on the horizon. Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers
  3. CiCi
    May 25th, 2021 12:30 AM
    Update: Briggs was rushed to the emergency room last night because he vomited blood. His blood results show that he's very unwell and his liver is in complete shutdown mode. We're calling an at-home euthanasia service to put him down as soon as we can in the comfort of his own home. I swear it can't come soon enough, my poor baby is suffering...
  4. CiCi
    May 23rd, 2021 10:17 AM
    It's okay that you've not replied on Discord! We each have our own lives, that unfortunately sometimes get in the way of more fun things.

    My grandmother has passed away. Died on February 21st, I'm afraid. It's been hard, but I've gotten through it for the most part. I'm certainly doing better than Mom, but my brother is doing even worse than she is. Then again, he's always been a sort of selfish and useless person who has never experienced any sort of trauma in his life, so he really doesn't know how to handle this. I guess I'm lucky in that way that I get so attached to my animals that I've been through quite a lot of trauma when they pass. It's sort of prepared me for this moment. Plus being pregnant helps. It means that I have something very, VERY important to worry about it in the meantime.

    Briggs still occasionally doesn't want to eat but he's been wagging his tail more today and will be enjoying some time in the shade of the backyard this afternoon while I brush Cocoa. We're getting the house and yard and pups ready for this Memorial Day weekend, which I think will really cheer him up. He's gained back about 5 lbs, so he's only around 5-6 lbs underweight atm. Still looks really skinny, the poor thing. The only thing we've been able to get him to consistently eat is chicken, which means I unfortunately have to purchase and prepare it. But of course I will do that for my baby to help him heal. He's off all medicine now aside from all natural chews (Zesty Paws) for a liver supplement. He doesn't willingly take it, but at least it doesn't taste horrid when it hits his tongue or he bites into it (the boy has such a big mouth that it's nearly impossible to get the pills as far down his throat as needed for him to not spit it back out).

    I hope that your lovely Prince is doing well, and that your family is, too. I recall someone in your family having some sort of mental or physical problem, though I don't recall exactly what or whom. I hope that they're well, or as well as they can be.

    It's wonderful that you've found that sanctuary! It sounds beautiful ♥ I, too, have been sticking to my vegan diet and trying to keep up with the lifestyle wherever practicable and possible. We've got such a wide range of delicious foods to eat, and we wanted our Memorial Day cookout to be purely vegan. Unfortunately, my husband's aunt is making excuses for herself (first it was "Gram won't eat it" and "Gram isn't used to it", before it very obviously became about her: "I'm wigged out by vegan food"; "I'm not used to it"), so she wants to ruin it by bringing her own hamburgers, hotdogs, and macaroni salad. I'm tempted to just deny her completely in that case. Which would be unfortunate but at the same time, it IS my house. What do you think?

    tl;dr, life is hectic atm lol
  5. VisionofMilotic
    May 23rd, 2021 9:38 AM
    Hi there CiCi! It's wonderful to see my favorite artist back on the forum. I have missed your voice. I meant to respond to your discord messages--i have fallen behind on those, gomen na sai. I know that you have a lot happening in your life, your marriage and expecting a little stranger on the way. I am very happy for you. How is your grandmother,? I remember that she was not well last we spoke, and I hope that she is doing better, and wishing your dear dog Briggs good health too.

    I remember that I still have Evergreen in my PC waiting for you, and I'm looking forward to brightening your day, and making that trade some time. Thanks for your message, it's been a bumpy ride but your kind words have cheered me up. It's great to see you! Love the elegant script by the way.


    P.S I'm still standing strong and keeping to the vegan diet, and have discovered some nice sanctuaries to donate to that rescue farm animals, and let them live out their lives in peace. They seemed like your type of scene my fellow animal lover.
  6. CiCi
    May 22nd, 2021 8:33 AM
    Hey Sam! I hope you're doing all right. Especially after seeing that worrying post of yours in the Emotion thread. I'm here if you need to talk, or on Discord if you'd rather it be more private.
  7. VisionofMilotic
    October 5th, 2020 1:04 AM
    I'm going to be replying to your Discord message soon. Our replies are getting lengthier!

    I just wanted to inform you of the good news I am no longer eatting eggs, as soon as I understood that the practice of culling was so ubiquitous in chicken farming, I fired off an order for some vegan egg substitutions. You'll be proud of me! I guess I am graduating from vegetarianism and onto the next phase of enlightenment.

    Speaking of eggs, you might not see this message, so I'll make sure in my Discord reply I ask there too, but is there a particular nature you would like me to breed on Gogoat/Skiddo?

  8. VisionofMilotic
    September 9th, 2020 8:41 AM
    Dear CiCi,

    I'm sorry to hear that so much stress came into your life that you lost even motivation for things that you used to love doing. Ocd is not something I have personally struggled with, but I do have a loved one who has it, and know how it affects her. So I think of her and start imagining what you could be going through right now, and the challenges that day to day life may pose. Also even though our experiences are different, I do know what it's like to have attacks of anxiety, and right now I have also been struggling just to get organized and stay on top of things. More than anything I get lethargic.

    I don't want to drag you down though, I just want to show some solidarity so that you know you aren't ever alone <3
    You don't have to worry about sounding like a Debby Downer, what you're saying is something I can identify with, and sometimes we all need to vent. One of the things I love about you is that you're frank, and I'm glad that you're you! That and your artistic flair and passion for animals are some of my favorite parts about you.

    I'm hoping things start to look up for you, or maybe your days are already even beginning to turn around with a little luck, eh? 'Been a long time since I have written so it's possible that circumstances could be totally different now, ya never know. Sorry that I have been so slow responding, I have had a lot going on that I have been scuffling to claw my way to the top of the heap on. Gomen na sai! My oof moment.

    I'm going to start writing to you on Discord more since you say that is the better platform to reach you right now. It's something I am beginning to use more or more now, kinda comes with the mod role. The the walls of my profile have become untidy with so many unanswered messages, so I'm probably more alert on social media these days. Maybe there we can catch up over a cup of hot tea?

    You have some good news for me though even in difficult times I have to say :) Hearing about your garden definitely brightened my spirits! It's amazing how once basil gets going it can grow as high as Jack's beanstalk and be a sight straight out of fairy tale. We've got our fair share of it too. I'm proud of your endeavors with your fiancé, and your bourgeoning green thumb!

    On the subject of the food industry I knew that there was a lot cruelty in chicken farming. I thought I was supporting a more humane form of it by just buying organic free range eggs, and patronizing the small businesses of local farmers, but even that has some problems. I have cut dairy out of my diet for good after learning more about the milk industry and how the male calves are treated, and eggs may follow next. I tend to change my diet in stages, first I gave up meat and became a pescetarian, then I got rid of the fish and became a lacto-ovo vegetarian, now the milk is gone, just one more step and I'll be a vegan like you, and more and more I'm reflecting and becoming convinced that this may be the right path for me too.

    I really love the taste of silk almond milk yogurt and almond shreds to melt on my beyond burgers, spaghetti in tomato sauce or on black bean quesadillas. It's delicious if I do say so! But I have also heard some mixed things about how almond farming may impact the environment, and if it's sustainable due to the amount of water necessary to produce almond milk. So with that in mind I would love to try oatmilk. Oatmeal bread is something I really find tasty too.

    So Delicious Ice Cream is where it's at sis. That caramel cluster cashew milk one is to die for! I was happy to find how many vegan ice creams my boys Ben & Jerry sell, and recently bought the dairy free version of Cherry Garcia!

  9. CiCi
    July 17th, 2020 1:26 AM
    Oof, definitely not going well. I've been very stressed and have lost a lot of motivation and desire for the things I used to enjoy. I basically need to force myself to do anything (including get out of bed). So I've been hit pretty hard. My panic disorder and OCD are not happy, no no.

    Oh my, you should see our garden, it's HUGE! My fiance has done a wonderful job taking care of it. We have basil coming out of our ears atm, haha ♥

    You are very correct that the dairy industry (as well as the egg industry) are horrible blights on our supposedly civilized society. It hurts my heart to know what we do to such intelligent and affectionate creatures. I'm vegan for the animals, for the rest of my life. ♥ Congratulations on your newfound mindset! I hope the best for you in all your transitionary endeavors. Oatmilk has been a favorite of mine for a while, but I have to get a specific brand otherwise I find they're a bit watery. And I love So Delicious as a brand - all of their ice creams I've tried have been really good! Now is definitely the best time to go vegan. There are options abound!

    While I've fallen out of PokeCommunity for the time thanks to the aforementioned stress and have no idea why I decided to check it today (fate, perhaps?), I'm always on Discord to ensure I don't completely fall out of my social life like I did a couple years back. You can talk to me on there whenever you'd like! I also have Facebook messenger for exactly the same reason, but I don't go on many other social media sites consistently unless I'm posting my art. Discord is definitely my preferred contact, though. ♥

    (I'm realizing now how much of a debby downer my first paragraph is. Sorry about that.)
  10. VisionofMilotic
    July 12th, 2020 11:04 AM
    Hi CiCi, I hope that you're having a nice summer, though it can be a bit of a challenge at times with so much going on in the world, I still search for the light.

    It's been quite awhile since I have written, so sending you some love and hoping to catch up. Thanks for your kind words too about my creative endeavors.

    How is planting season going by the way? I am undertaking a milestone. I am phasing milk out of my diet. The more I learn about the dairy industry the more I would like to try substitutions. This brings me a step closer from vegetarianism to veganism, the path you chose. Coconut milk has been useful to me in this transition, not to mention it's good for the skin. I ordered some Earth balance spread in place of butter, and am pleased to find that Ben & Jerry's has a lot of dairy-free ice cream products, so I am hopeful about it. I always bought some So Delicious, knowing they use cashew milk, almond milk etc instead of cow's milk. I thought you'd be happy to hear that, and if you have any recommendations for me let me know <3

    You are right by the way. September the 4th does make me a Virgo, mostly everyone else gets animals, but I just get some lady holding flowers. I think the sign fits though. They say we are gentle, controlled, wise, loyal and love animals and nature.

    Peace out. Things are going very well here, and I just wanted to reach out and make sure that your days have been peaceful and happy. <3

  11. CiCi
    May 5th, 2020 5:33 PM
    Aw, thank you, that's so sweet <3

    I loooooved Wargul! He was so mystical and fantastic. Really cool Fakemon.

    Spring was here for me, for about two days. It's been rainy ever since >.> Spring just keeps teasing us here.

    Ahaha, you always seem like you've got it together, so you've got a nice facade going! xD I guess it's less noticeable to other people just how much you (and I, and others, of course) really do NOT have it together. But then to us, we know we done goofed.

    And honestly, being a Leo means that one of my best matches is Aquarius, and Eridan Ampora is Aquarius, so I guess I've got that going for me. My handsome fishy boi and I would make a good match, according to Astrology anyway :P
    I remember seeing your birthday thread once before. Had to look it up, the thread was made September 4th. I'm not good with astrology, but what does that make you? A Virgo? Like our Queen, Jenna Marbles? :D
  12. VisionofMilotic
    May 4th, 2020 10:43 AM
    You're awesome CiCi! Just a superb hostess! We're lucky to have your creativity and dynamic energy. You make me smile.

    I had fun sketching out my Wargul (fairy cat Pokemon for the dream assignment) and imagining what moves or ability it might have. I edited my last post to include it in the spoiler tags.

    Thanks for also reaching out if I need an ear to listen to. Things have been a little better this week. Spring is really here, and it's gorgeous.

    Yes, Dragon/Shawn is a shy reptile who stays at a distance camouflaged a lot, but when casually mentioning what I was up to with this event he was interested and says he would like to participate too. So he should be popping up soon.

    No worries, take your time when you need to reply. I'm the queen of disorganization and sometimes it takes me awhile to gather my thoughts and write, but I always turn up sooner or later teehee.

    August 15th sounds like as good of a day to be born as any. I like astrology and that means you are a Leo, the sign of royalty, a lion. So not lame at all!

    Cheers, I'll gossip more soon!

  13. CiCi
    April 28th, 2020 2:16 PM
    Aw, take your time! It'll be going on for really as long as we want :P I was planning on calling it this coming Sunday, but if more people are still interested or still working on their project, then we can always extend it. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a rough go of it. I'm here to talk (or on Discord, if you'd rather), should you ever need it.

    I'm looking forward to Dragon joining it! Haven't talked to him at all (what a surprise, my asocial ass hasn't spoken to someone xD) so it'll be our first interaction.

    I hope you're doing well, too, Sam! And I hope things pick up for you!

    Oh, and I apparently never replied to your last message 'cuz I'm a jerk (I read it in bed and replied in my mind, but never actually wrote anything down ^^"). For the most prudent: no, my birthday isn't Halloween xD It would be awesome, but it's not. It's actually August 15th. Could I have picked a lamer date to come out? I think not.
  14. VisionofMilotic
    April 28th, 2020 1:23 PM
    I haven't forgotten about my dream project. I'll be posting this week, it's been a nutty last few days but I'm climbing my way up the mountain slowly but surely.

    Dragon told me that he was also interested in your event and wants to participate with a short story based on his dream, so he'll probably be joining the club any day now.

    I hope you are doing well my friend,

  15. VisionofMilotic
    April 5th, 2020 8:42 AM
    I would LOVE to try your vegan pot pies, you sound like such a talented chef CiCi. My mouth is watering. I'll have to look into the chik'n flavored bullion cubes. I also found a tasty chicken flavored vegan soup base on Amazon from Orrington Farms. It's really a savory option for a stock.

    I have always liked Pillsbury (when they're vegetarian/vegan) and I'll be sure to check out those crescent rolls too.

    I definitely can relate to not feeling social, but getting up the Cheerios. I have social skills when I need to use them, I enjoy a passionate and interesting conversation, and try to keep an open mind to folks from all different walks of life, but I am also most comfortable and calm when I am alone, and prefer to be on my own or with just a couple of people I have known for years and really trust.

    I'm so happy that the forum gave me the opportunity to meet you. Also I wanted to ask if you don't mind, is your birthday actually on the 31st of October? Being born on Halloween just sounds epic!

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I love our house, and am going to keep finding ways to fix it up and make improvements so we have a nice space to share. I have an event/contest coming soon to see who can design the best new banner. I'm still working out the details, but you being a creative one, makes me suspect you might roll up your sleeves and design something! We'll see.

    Oh also, I did go forward with the club coffee lounge. And like it so far, come and hang with us sometime <3