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  1. polymorphism
    June 25th, 2019 9:12 PM
    Sounds like quite the life haha, I'm happy things are going so well. What's your partner like?
  2. noa
    June 25th, 2019 12:00 PM
    Lol fair enough! I'm doing pretty well in the real world... Full time job, engagement, all that fun stuff. But i'm still the same old loser nerd i've always been. Pokemon hype, anime girls, sparkles, the usual
  3. polymorphism
    June 13th, 2019 7:15 PM
    tbh same but I remembered your name and having some good times lmao

    How are you?
  4. noa
    June 13th, 2019 3:32 PM
    Whoa... 3 years since we talked eh? I feel bad, but I barely remember you.... Honestly most of the happenings on this site pre-2018 feels like a fever dream lol

    What's up?
  5. polymorphism
    June 11th, 2019 4:05 AM
    y hello der friendo
  6. noa
    April 21st, 2016 6:24 PM
    All sorts of souvenirs!! And plushies, shirts, mugs, etc...

    You're not terrible!!!!! Sometimes it takes me a week to reply to VMs,,,,
  7. polymorphism
    April 21st, 2016 6:15 PM
    Seattle seems like a really cool city. I'm jealous. What do you sell there? o:

    (also sorry for late response I'm a terrible person)
  8. noa
    April 18th, 2016 9:51 AM
    Niiiice, Seattle! You should definitely visit the Chihuly glass gardens and the Colombia tower, best view in the city.

    I happen to work at a gift shop in Seattle 8D
  9. polymorphism
    April 15th, 2016 3:12 PM
    I just work at a Walgreens doing a myriad of jobs. Well I was when I said that but now it's cancelled (still got the time off though). I was going to go to San Fran, Seattle, and ironically Portland also (next month) but no longer.

    Where do you work again?
  10. noa
    April 14th, 2016 8:59 AM
    What kind of work do you do? :O Where are you going on vacation too? :D /nosy 8D

    Pretty much the same! Though work's pretty nice these days. I'm going to Portland next month :)
  11. polymorphism
    April 13th, 2016 9:17 AM
    A lot of work all the time. Going on vacation soon and got into school.

    What's new with you?
  12. noa
    April 13th, 2016 8:45 AM
    We havent talked in so long!!! How's life?
  13. polymorphism
    April 12th, 2016 6:46 PM
    Hello pretty person and friend. :)
  14. noa
    April 12th, 2016 6:23 PM
    Hello friend
  15. polymorphism
    January 31st, 2016 6:37 PM