Conversation Between Electricbluewolf and ZoroStar
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  1. Electricbluewolf
    February 21st, 2016 9:29 AM
    [FONT="Droid Serif"Oh I've heard a little on Blue Stahli, quite electrorock, haven't heard of Celldweller-do you recommend?

    I don't listen to much "modern/pop" music as it's not my stuff[/FONT]
  2. ZoroStar
    February 20th, 2016 4:25 PM
    My inspiration is driven from guys like Celldweller and Blue Stahli, who still make music today, but they first surfaced in the late 90s/early 2000s.

    Personally, no.
    Trap isn't my style.
  3. Electricbluewolf
    February 20th, 2016 8:02 AM
    Oh that's cool n_n Do you have a lot of inspiration from the "latest" songs as it were, as electronic musician have really become popular
  4. ZoroStar
    February 18th, 2016 4:32 PM
    Though the latter is more of an attempt.

    I'm an electronic musician.
    I use FL Studio 10 to make my work, have so for the past five years.
  5. Electricbluewolf
    February 18th, 2016 9:09 AM
    Oh that's pretty cool though-you mentioned you were a musician, do you play or sing?
  6. ZoroStar
    February 18th, 2016 1:42 AM
    Well, no.
    I used to run a forum for a nonprofit music label.
  7. Electricbluewolf
    February 17th, 2016 9:23 AM
    Ah that's the main thing! Its great to just talk to people, is this your first forums?
  8. ZoroStar
    February 17th, 2016 1:03 AM
    I haven't been making much progress when it comes to making friends, but..!
    I'm trying!
  9. Electricbluewolf
    February 15th, 2016 1:36 AM
    Hiya n_nb

    I live in the UK, originally born in Southampton here and now moved to a quiet country town, whoo.

    You enjoying the community so far?
  10. ZoroStar
    February 14th, 2016 11:55 AM
    Hey, so! Where you are from?