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Conversation Between adamb241 and josh354
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  1. adamb241
    December 21st, 2011 2:05 AM
    I did pretty good for my first semester. I'm really glad to be home and to take a break from all the work though!
  2. josh354
    December 20th, 2011 11:22 PM
    So far so good, haven't failed out yet haha, hbu?
  3. adamb241
    December 20th, 2011 1:27 AM
    Good, I just finished my first semester this week. How is everything with college going?
  4. josh354
    December 19th, 2011 9:31 PM
    Pretty good, just busy with school and stuff. How about yourself?
  5. adamb241
    December 13th, 2011 9:44 PM
    Hey man, how have you been?
  6. adamb241
    June 28th, 2011 7:03 PM
    Well I'm currently at my summer job (working at a summer camp) so it's progress is and most likely be minute until I get back. How's your summer progressing?
  7. josh354
    June 28th, 2011 5:31 PM
    Hey haven't talked to you in a few days, how is the hack going?
  8. josh354
    June 18th, 2011 5:17 PM
    The new update looked good, how far have you gotten into the game so far?
  9. adamb241
    June 15th, 2011 7:08 PM
    Haha, thanks for that. Hopefully I'll have a new update soon.
  10. josh354
    June 15th, 2011 3:42 PM
    Oh I know, I just thought your thread may have needed a bump :P, and I had to put something to make it not sound "generic."
  11. adamb241
    June 15th, 2011 2:59 PM
    I'll let you in on a little secret...We have the OW's lol.
  12. adamb241
    June 13th, 2011 4:24 PM
    Well you don't get a degree in "business", you get a degree in accounting, or finance or marketing. I'm not sure what I want my concentration to be yet.
  13. josh354
    June 13th, 2011 4:15 PM
    Business degree
  14. adamb241
    June 13th, 2011 2:55 PM
    With what?
  15. josh354
    June 13th, 2011 2:51 PM
    What are you planning to do with that?
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