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  1. Sheep
    March 31st, 2012 2:17 PM
    ooooh yes the soundtrack is awesome. >: !! I spent a good bit of time listening to Flandre's theme a few years back, really should do it again XD but i'm not really interested in playing the games for some reason even though a few people told me i should try them. ;_;

    I should go stalk his profile ~ he'll never know :3
  2. Ivysaur
    March 31st, 2012 2:14 PM
    I only know anything about Touhou because of its awesome soundtrack and my favourite LP'er who has tackled some Touhou fangames XD But that old mod, Christos, he was who first told me about touhou, he still has Cirno stuff in his profile XD He would have liked you.
  3. Sheep
    March 31st, 2012 8:05 AM
    XD;; my first forumset on here was Cirno too haha. I'm pretty much a trap since I know close to nothing about touhou >: So when people leave touhou-related comments on my profile I'm all lost in most cases LOL.
  4. Ivysaur
    March 31st, 2012 3:49 AM
    When I see your username, I keep thinking of an ex-mod XD He had Cirno stuff everywhere.

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