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  1. Rynamite
    February 11th, 2020 9:36 AM
    I mean if you are bored for a day then it is a good watch. I have been a stickler for the lore behind a game. That's why sometimes I will do a binge on the Game Theory channel because man... Some stuff is pretty intense!

    While I agree to an extent you will have to bare in mind that what you have described could be an additional 3-5 hours if they do it right and that would cost a lot more to produce and also the memory aspect of the game would be greater. BUT, that being said I would of welcomed to see that has a story driven DLC. They have a couple sort of arcade style DLCs but an intense story (Prequel) would be very ideal.

    We normally get humid summers but I cannot stand it at all. I prefer a dry heat like out in the desert. But then if I had that the chance of rain goes down a lot.

    I sure do! I work the floor as a grunt right now, but we may be looking into a management type position by late spring (Maybe hopefully :) )
  2. CiCi
    February 10th, 2020 6:42 PM
    Aw, I hate when playthroughs do that, too :( Sometimes, you just wanna get deep into it. I haven't seen 2 being played yet; I've considered it, just never followed through. 5 and 6 are too action-oriented to me. Not a fan of that.

    Agreed, Zoe was missed potential. Honestly, in a way, the whole family was missed potential in terms of character development and depth. They're cool and have great personalities, but aside from what little we saw in Daughters, we didn't get much background. Would've been cool to see some of the kids as really young and Jack and Marguerite as new parents, really get us sympathetic with a family torn apart by the, in my opinion, equally as sympathetic Eveline. I mean, Evie didn't have a choice in all of this, either. She was programmed, so to speak, to be the way she is. And she has the mind of a little girl so is too young to really understand what she's doing is wrong.
    And also agreed on the involvement of the parents with Lucas. I like that they were essentially kept in the dark. They were kind of lumped into all inadvertently and since Lucas was the only one with such strong potential, he'd therefore be the only one in on it. To cover The Connections asses, of course.

    Ahaha, for real though about humidity. xD I'm more used to it given where I live, but it really can be a sucky nuisance. We had an unusually dry season last summer.
    Oh dude, you work at a casino? :O That's so cool!
  3. Rynamite
    February 8th, 2020 9:36 AM
    I remember playing 4 quite some time ago. I've also played 5 and 6 for sure. Though if I think far back enough I do believe I have done the original as well. I also saw the remake version of 2 which I have to admit was well done, just the playthrough that I watched didn't look too deep into the actual lore behind the game which was sad. Lack of funds gets in the way of a LOT of fun stuff ;;

    I get why they made Zoe the way she is... It is a classical arc in the story where there is always one person that doesn't believe in the direction that they are going in. But there was a lot of potential to build in off of it that they really missed on. True Jack and Marguerite aren't the most intellect beings in the group... Even if they had more involvement with Lucas in that sense I think the story wouldn't be as believable if that makes sense.

    It is a healthier state of mind that's for sure! Well it has stopped snowing and there are some promos at the Casino so we are definitely getting some foot traffic so we will see. For me it's the two extremes. I love the cold and snow, but also the warm and DRY heat.. If the humid hot comes out then no, try another castle cause I don't want it. I think spring for my area is going to be soggy lol.
  4. CiCi
    February 7th, 2020 11:45 PM
    I never played any Resident Evil games before 7, so I wouldn't know. I did see playthroughs of 4, though. But because of Lucas, I actually played 7, and I loved it. I wish I could reset all my achievements on Steam so I can get them again x3 Amnesia was cool! I only saw playthroughs online but Amnesia seemed like a really dynamic and fun horror game. My lack of funds really gets in the way when it comes to gaming, unfortunately, otherwise I would've played it.

    Ugh, Zoe Dx I wish they hadn't done her so dirty. She could've been a really, really cool foil to the rest of the family, but they shortsighted her. Very strange, since the other three are so full of personality. I really love what they did with Lucas, though, in making him a big part of The Connections and basically the keeper of the family. Makes sense that they'd choose him, since he's apparently a genius. Couldn't imagine Jack or Marguerite doing all the things Lucas did, even if they were in the right frame of mind. xD

    I like your optimism! Pretty rare nowadays. Good on you for that. I'd say you deserve some great tips tomorrow :D Glad I don't live in an icy tundra, though. I can't stand the cold. All I can do is hope that winter goes easy on us this year. >.> C'mon spring, hurry up and get here, please!
  5. Rynamite
    February 7th, 2020 10:55 PM
    I have to say I am really glad that they went back to their roots with Resident Evil 7. It turned into an overly act ionized game instead of being a horror story driven action game. They delivered on that element. Also the VR aspect of that room was a warm welcome too! Dead Space I'm sure I've seen it before. Outlast I definitely agree on as well! Other ones I liked was Prey, Soma and Amnesia.

    Character wise I didn't understand him at first, but as the game progressed and the lore looked into it all made sense and his persona was better appreciated. Zoe was a bit meh tbh.... Mr. and Mrs. Baker in their madness were well done seeing them completely unhinge as the story went on.

    Tis nothing in the land of ice and snow for I have endured storms of ice, and 2 footers before! :) Day 1 of 3 of work done... Sorta dead and I think I'm only going to get 30$ in tips... Tomorrow should go over better =)
  6. CiCi
    February 7th, 2020 9:21 PM
    To play and watch, at this point, is definitely Re7. I've seen it played and played it several times, but I still love it. Also loved Dead Space and the first Outlast (plus Whistleblower with the yummy Eddie Gluskin <3). The Silent Hill franchise is a fun one to watch as well but I've never played them :(

    Ahaha, yes he will xD Lucas is one crazy little freak, and that's why I love him so much. And the rest of the family is fun, too :3

    Holy crap! You gotta celebrate that cuz that's a crap-ton of snow!! :O Glad to hear you've made it through this day, here's to hoping the rest of your week goes well, too :D
  7. Rynamite
    February 7th, 2020 7:18 PM
    It all comes down to this then... What is the go to horror game you strive to watch or play?

    That thar Lucas will kill ya Etan! lol.

    From yesterday to today we got about 40 cm of snow (13-14 Inches) I MADE IT \o/
  8. CiCi
    February 7th, 2020 1:07 PM
    I'm more of a horror game type of person. Movies can be fun, but I usually find them too trite, at least imo.

    Ah, yes, my lovely Lucas Baker <3 Mmf. My husband. Don't care if it's weird, I love him xD

    Blegh, snow. Dunno how you feel about it (hopefully you like it), but I hate the snow. Good luck getting to and from work, and be careful out there!
  9. Rynamite
    February 7th, 2020 9:44 AM
    Obviously! >:3 Are we talking both games and movies I wonder?

    I clued in the more I looked at your signature. Lucas Baker, Baker residence. I figured it out quick!

    I am doing alright! Just about to start a 3 day work stretch xP Plus we just received about 8 inches of snow and still falling so that will be interesting.
  10. CiCi
    February 7th, 2020 12:15 AM
    Hey, thank you! :D I do love me some horror, obviously ;3

    And hello back! How are you doing? ^^
  11. Rynamite
    February 7th, 2020 12:12 AM
    This font customization though...
    Reminds me of the indie horror game story intro's...

    Anyways wanted to drop a hello! :)