Conversation Between Ryuo and SinisterEternity
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  1. SinisterEternity
    October 21st, 2010 8:43 PM
    Thank you ! :D
    I will try it, and see if it works xD
  2. Ryuo
    October 19th, 2010 2:52 AM
    the classic controller looks like the super nintendo and the guitar hero guitar they both overide so you only need the joi stick on ither one
  3. SinisterEternity
    October 14th, 2010 2:45 AM
    So, hum...what do you call "classic controler stick" ? The Nun'chuk (or whatever you spell it) ? O:
    And do you mean that, with the guitar only, I can select my game on the Wii Menu ? o.o
  4. Ryuo
    October 12th, 2010 10:03 PM
    oh or the guitar hero guitar that works too
  5. Ryuo
    October 12th, 2010 10:01 PM
    if you have the clasic controler for the wii mote you can plug it in and use the classic controler stick to to move the wii cursor you dont need to keep it on after you start a game [unless you have to use the pointer/aim system]
  6. SinisterEternity
    October 9th, 2010 10:52 PM
    I have very bad news D:
    I lost my Wii adaptator and cannot access the game from the menu D8>
    If you know a way of doing it without the Wii Remote, tell me because it's bugging me xD
  7. Ryuo
    October 4th, 2010 11:59 PM
    random fraze to say "jiggly" subtitute for (weird,strange & different)
    ex:i went to a restaurant and the sause they had wasn't good or bad but at least i tried something "jiggly"
    ps: this should make people ask questiond about texture and may enduce the (wtf) look
  8. Ryuo
    October 4th, 2010 11:55 PM
    Ryuo needs a brawl buddy i started to get rusty
  9. Ryuo
    August 13th, 2010 4:42 PM
    ur new random word is goop and how to use it is intead of saying "bad, wrong, or anything toward a negative filler" you say "goop" ex; ur test scores where so goop you gooped the class
  10. SinisterEternity
    August 12th, 2010 8:20 PM
    Berry ?
    Well, berry it is then >w>
    Now I need to find somewhere to say or write it XDDDD
  11. Ryuo
    August 12th, 2010 10:03 AM
    ur random word of today is berry this is just for fun you dont have to use it but its fun to say it at any chance you get
  12. Ryuo
    July 31st, 2010 8:18 PM
    hey wanna brawl