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  1. bolpokmon121
    December 10th, 2020 2:42 PM
    i need help with this, some how my friend keep getting this error. when i gave him the game. and it didnt give me this problem before...

    [Pokemon Essentials Version 18.1]
    Exception: RuntimeError
    Value 568 not defined by a constant in PBSpecies

    Compiler:810:in `getConstantName'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:204:in `pbCheckPokemoniconFiles'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:202:in `each'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:202:in `pbCheckPokemoniconFiles'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:191:in `each'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:191:in `pbCheckPokemoniconFiles'
    Pokemon_Sprites:132:in `pokemon='
    Pokemon_Sprites:97:in `Initialize'
    Pscreen_load:173:in `new'

    please get to me as soon as possible....