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  1. ZeoStar
    7 Hours Ago 4:51 AM
    Oh hey happy super belated birthday! I was on Lake Valor (I don't have an account, but every few months or so I like reading the topics). Looks like someone had made a birthday topic for you. Means you must have had a road trip birthday, how nice.

    I got my second vaccine yesterday. I was fine until bedtime, started getting sore. Woke up and now have a headache. So yeah hopefully this is the worst of it, i guess i'll know by the end of today. I felt the exact same way about anxiety when I first went inside to pick up my medicine. I've never needed medication for anything, it did make me ashamed about something being wrong with me. I did get scolded in the ER that day, because I had been having panic attacks pretty much every night and I wasn't telling anybody. If someone is around and I trust the person, I've learned it's better to tell them instead of trying to hide everything.

    Isn't what you listed just comfort foods. Are all comfort foods unhealthy? I love butter, I couldn't see myself giving that up. I never thought of french fries as unhealthy either. I thought they were just strings made from potatoes. Unless you put salt on them, i know salt is one of the most unhealthy foods (foods? things?) ever. Do you avoid these foods completely since you know much information?

    Ohhhh Kreuger national park I know that place. I've watched videos, it's somewhere i've always been interested in. So lucky. How was your experience with it? Also have you seen this animal? These are so cool, I wish they didn't go extinct.
  2. Sheep
    4 Days Ago 4:21 AM
    By then COVID should be mostly contained with all the vaccines hopefully! You're gonna have so much fun :D Ireland seems like an amazing place to live tbh... but I want to experience so many places in general lol

    Yeah same. I always can't think properly when I'm anxious and it stinks. Mine started developing around my early 20s so it took a while too. Getting diagnosed is a great step for sure and I'm glad it helped you, but in my case realizing that this was actually a mental health issue made me feel even more ashamed/embarrassed. Even though I knew there wasn't anything to be ashamed about. It was just so tough to feel like there was something wrong with me.

    Mostly bad oils that are unhealthy for you and an insane number of salt, more than what people need. Other things too but I'm not good enough with the terminology to know how to explain it well. But food that's too greasy/fried with too much oil, overly salty, or deep fried (french fries, chicken nuggets, nachos to name a few) never tends to be good and should always be had in moderation (or better yet not at all, but I know that's hard for people ahah). They increase risk of heart attack and many other problems if you keep having them regularly.

    we didn't see them but saw bunches of other stuff at the animal parks/reserved we went to on our trip recently! Elephants, tigers (including a white tiger :D), warthogs, hyenas, hawks, lions, honey badges, snakes, and other cool stuff! I saw hippos last when I was in Kreuger national park, which was like 2 years ago almost.
  3. ZeoStar
    6 Days Ago 2:41 PM
    It's ok, hey at least you got to have fun traveling. I've always wanted to travel, when i become older and financially independent there's definitely places I have in mind. I've always wanted to see vermont, the trees look so pretty. I've not left the U.S left. My mother qualifies for citizenship in ireland, but hasn't got around to taking it up.

    It's strange, like...i can totally rationalize that it's "just a brief pinch, it won't hurt that bad". But it doesn't matter, anxiety just takes over. Yeah I hope someday I can handle them better. I separate anxiety from nervousness, when i get anxious it's like my body is entering a state of shock and I can't think clearly. It didn't develop until a few years ago, I didn't know what was happening or what anxiety was. When I learned about it and got diagnosed, it got wayyyyy easier.

    I'm not a fan of tea, but maybe I just haven't tried 'enough' of it to form an opinion. What exactly is in fast foods? (since you mentioned not liking the stuff in them). Yeah crazy thing is dropping soda was super easy for me. I didn't even do it on purpose. I just decided "one a day" would taste better. Eventually the 'one per day' stopped and I simply didn't feel like drinking that stuff. I never drink caffeine. Might try coffee someday. buuut caffeine isn't good for anxiety disorders, will see how it goes.

    also have you seen any hippos yet? I'm fascinated with animals
  4. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:45 AM
    finally back! was on a road trip across the southern coast of south africa, sorry for slow replies!!!

    and awww I understand. ;_; Needles are tough and so many people get anxious around them, even to the point of passing out and stuff. I was terrified of them for ages too. Nowadays am more calm, so perhaps over time that will happen to you too? either way if not, that's completely fine and nothing to be ashamed about! I don't get particularly nervous about them anymore but some of my face/neck does get red on instinct lol, and sometimes the nurses will ask me if I'm okay because of that hahaha.

    yeah, I didn't know zinc had side effects like that either. but taking it with food (and perhaps at a smaller dose if you prefer) would probably be fine! personally I don't think there's such a thing as too much water unless you drink so much you can't hold it down and get sick. I need to drink it more often tbh... I only ever drink water and tea, but still probably could drink a bit more in general throughout the day. D: oops

    good job cutting out soda!! I knew people who lost so much weight doing that, since it was almost all they drank. It's really bad for your body and teeth. always happy to see people cut it <3

    fast foods are bleh most of the time. I'll eat them occasionally, like french fries if I happen to be ordering a burger from a place if out with husband and his friends, but that's rare. 99% of the time it's mega eh. I hate the stuff it's made with. x_X

    And agreed. People definitely should have made a bigger deal about it, but the switch continues to sell ridiculously well and sadly that joycon drift issue is still present in some systems. it sucks.
  5. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 12:54 PM
    I didn't end up getting bad side effects for this first one. The day after I started getting very tired, but it was only for a couple hours. Actually getting the injection was the worst part for me. For some reason needles instantly cause anxiety for me. I have no control over it, and I never mask it well. The person giving the shot asked if I was nervous. I just meekly said "yes".

    Yeah I haven't taken zinc since that happened. I'm thinking maybe I could break off half a pill or something. I had no idea zinc could cause anything. I thought it was just like water, your body would be happy to have it. Did you know there is such thing as drinking too much water? I gave up soda completely. It started as cutting down, I just don't see any need to drink it at all anymore.

    Oh okay. I don't do my own grocery shopping yet. Although I could see myself starting within the next year or two. I'd much rather gain weight, but it doesn't happen no matter what I eat. I also bike everyday and swim when possible, I don't want to cut those fun activities just for a weight gain. Since your health conscious, what do you think of fast foods?

    No idea, but it made me really upset with the switch. I just couldn't believe they would mass sell a console that didn't have a functioning controller. I also believe it should have been a much bigger issue. I'm glad they did finally address it. Our new joy cons have not had any issues. Currently with Okami I'm in the agata forest, about to go into the ruins, i think it's the first dungeon.
  6. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 1:08 AM
    Yeah sore arm is very common it seems, most people I know get it! hope it goes away soon, grats on getting the first one \o/

    ohh yeah I think the highest amount of 'tolerable' zinc is 40mg, so 30 is definitely fine. But if you take it on an empty stomach you can definitely feel sick. I took 40mg of zinc for a while and on the first day I took it just 30 minutes after dinner since I forgot to have it with, and felt so sick I could barely sleep. Next day I tried it together with a meal and felt muuuch better. It can be overwhelming to take that much zinc at first if you're not taking it properly, but hopefully your body will be ok with it! not a doctor so idk 100%

    yeah it depends on how it's cooked, companies usually use cheaper products for theirs so it's always good to read the label to make sure all 3 of these are checked off: 1) Trans fat is listed as 0g, 2) There are no 'fully hydrogenated' oils in the ingredients, 3) there are no 'partially hydrogenated' oils in the ingredients. I try to be careful, esp in the USA, since if a product has less than .4g of trans fat, they're allowed to round down and put 0 for....some stupid reason. So I always check ingredients. Sweets from grocery stores can be especially bad too, by having bad oils and then whipped cream can also be a source of really bad trans fats! There are still many good food producers that know the risks of trans fats though and make their food free of it, just gotta find which companies they are \o/ Air fryers are good vs frying on a pan usually too, since that means you don't really need to use cooking oil (many of which are bad, a lot of people aren't educated about which ones they should/shouldn't buy..)

    and ooo I have it on Switch but mine has no drift! fortunately lol. I got mine in 2019 and the drift issues I think are more present in earlier versions??
  7. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 1:58 AM
    I got the first shot of the vaccine. It went okay and I haven't been having side effects. My arm became sore suddenly and it's keeping me awake. The vaccines were being given out in my old highschool, so it was just in and out through the gym. Very quick and efficient.

    Speaking of nutrients, I tried 30mg of zinc yesterday. I was suggested that it was healthy, but maybe that was a bit much because I became awfully sick before the vaccine. Still, I was able to trudge through it and get my shot. But that's interesting because I thought baked foods were supposed to be healthier? We use an air fryer for many of our foods.

    Oh I know about it being awfully expensive. I wanted a playstation 5 but it's a massive $500.00 (in Australia it's $600.00). The PS2 was cool. Again, it was something I would have missed out on because it released before I was born, but my family decided to keep one around so I did get to play it. I did start Okami. It's very pretty looking and I like the art. I don't know if buying this on switch was the best idea, because if the joy cons start to drift that could be painful.
  8. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 2:34 PM
    Omg yeah I read today! But still, that’s such a small number. Birth control pills for women also have a clot risk and my friend was on one of the ones with a slightly higher risk than even others for 10 years, and had no issues. I’ve never had issues either. Hopefully you can get another or something soon @[email protected] millions of people have gotten these vaccines so 6 doesn’t seem like much, but still, I can understand the worry. All medication does have risks.

    It’s not so much the pizza itself but more that many food places use cheap oils that have trans fat to make them, which is horrible for people and can lead to heart attacks among other things. Same for baked products. It’s upsetting how many people don’t realize and just eat all this bad stuff, makes me so sad and I wish I could educate everyone D:

    Yeah I think new games were around 30 for the gbc, 40 for gba/ds, and now it’s a whopping 60 and consoles are at least 2x more expensive, ugh.

    Yaya Okami was good!! I got the switch ver on sale and still need to finish it though, but I did play the original on ps2 ~
  9. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 6:16 AM
    I'm not sure what's happening. I was supposed to get the Johnson vaccine tomorrow but it was just put on pause here in the U.S due to blood clotting issues found in 6 women who received the shot. My uncle said he would contact them and see if they can just give me one of the alternatives.

    I wasn't aware of pizza causing heart issues. I guess there's a few other foods I could think of that are equally unhealthy, one that comes to mind is bacon. So Bacon Pizza must be twice as unhealthy. I do have some issues with reflux (inherited). So I never want to eat more than 3 slices anyways or I'd probably get an upset stomach. I don't know enough about nutrition, I've always just kind of...eaten whatever. My metabolism hasn't slowed, so I haven't had to worry about weight yet.

    To be honest I think they just slap the $60 price tag on all major franchise games. I have no idea about what prices looked like 20 years ago. Since I wasn't born yet during the N64 era, I was only able to play them on Virtual Console for the Wii. I assumed all N64 games must have been $10 each because that's what they cost on the Wii. Actually that was a silly way of thinking. I guess they must have been around $30 or $40. I bought Okami because it was only $20 on switch. (will give me something to do if the vaccine makes me sick).
  10. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 2:42 AM
    hope it goes well!! someone I know has been feeling sick from it, but their sibling felt nothing at all. it's so hard to know how it'll affect you @[email protected] I'll probably get that one too despite side effects though, one shot seems soo much better than two....

    I love pizza typically but try not to eat it much anymore. Only had it once in the last 1-2 years. A lot of it is made with bad oils, especially in the states, the kind that can lead to heart issues if consumed often enough. Every once in a while is okay though, and my fav are ones with lotsa cheese!!

    but yeah, Snap is definitely expensive. It's very pretty but I do wonder how prices are calculated now. Surely a game like SwSh has more content ultimately, especially since there are more mons to collect, but spinoffs still tend to be the same price. I'll buy it anyway but it stinks knowing salaries have hardly changed in the last 20 years, yet games went up in price $20+. oof

    (congrats on that rise, oooo!!)
  11. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 4:11 AM
    I actually got my confirmed vaccine date (Wednesday). So...two days. I'll be getting j&j so only one shot. But I heard it can have some strong side effects, -_-
  12. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 1:27 PM
    Dark chocolate is pretty much the only kind I eat. Chocolate is also one of those things that when you eat a little, it's hard to put down. Same thing with pizza. I don't branch out to much with that either (I don't even like pepperoni). But I always eat stuffed crust. I wish I could try the pizza in new york. One of the things I want to do most.

    It looks like Pokemon snap will also be $60. I can afford it, but I also don't want to pay much for a game that might be really short. (The N64 title was not a long game). And I know it's only going to have a fraction of the pokemon. The sad thing about nintendo, they have a tendency to never lower prices.

    Yeah anxiety has a weird way of making things worse than they are. Like I know it's just going to be a fast pinch, but my mind just pictures it over and over again. I think the anticipation is worse than the actual injection. It also gives me anxiety checking my email knowing at any moment my turn could be ready. I'm nervous about the side effects too.

    But yeah my chess rating is currently 854 ELO. I started the year at 350 and went down to 328. Ever since then I've practiced and studied, and it's put me on a rise. Here's my stat rating from the last 90 days:
  13. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 1:13 AM
    The only chocolate I like is dark chocolate
    omg twins, I thought I was the only one on the planet who preferred dark over the others ahahah
    I didn't get any discounts but it might be a few weeks after easter, so we'll keep checking over the next few weeks. Hopefully they'll have some this year T_T

    And yeah, $60 does seem like a lot for a Mystery Dungeon game... though there's a lot to do if you plan to be a completionist/do most of the post game. My bf has it so I can just play his though lol, fortunately.

    And omg I know. ;-; I understand!! I'm not scared of needles but I'm really scared of side effects. It's tough to be anxious people like us but honestly, we'll be ok. So many millions of people have gotten the vaccine already and are all perfectly fine.

    daaang, from bottom 25% to the 50%s? that's awesome!!)
  14. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 12:10 PM
    The only chocolate I like is dark chocolate, but I don't mind caramel either. I like peanut butter flavor stuff too. Did you ever get the discounted chocolate? Also hope your easter went okay

    I'm not overly familiar with Switch Kirby games. Like I get them mixed up between what's 3DS kirby and Switch kirby. I did want Mystery Dungeon DX, but I decided the $60 is just too much. I haven't played Gates to Infinity either, which is something I want to try.

    Since I'm getting my vaccination soon, I'll probably end up turning on korra. Just anything to get my mind off things if I get side effects. My anxiety over receiving it is horrible. I'm just not someone who likes needles either.

    I did go above the average on (currently 50.4%). It's been so cool progressing, knowing at the beginning of the year I was in the bottom 2%. Buuut everybody reaches a peak eventually, so something I've wondered with myself is when I'll reach my highest possible.
  15. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 7:53 AM
    Happy easter!! :D I am waiting for it to end so I can buy discount chocolate hehe ~

    Ooh I have Triple Deluxe too! That was cute. Want the Switch Kirby games too, one day when I beat my many other games lol ; ;

    and gosh I hope we won't get another timeskip-esque series for Avatar, that's a bit too same-y. But I wouldn't mind seeing more of what happened to Korra after the last episode. How her life went after? Without a huge timeskip?