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  1. gimmepie
    9 Hours Ago 6:21 PM
    I finished the drumming event ages ago. I got all the Primos from it but the curved layout really messed with my perception of where the beats were lol. The chasm mines one is legit tricky. I haven't been able to get through mission 3 yet. The new toymaking event is super easy though.
  2. .hack
    10 Hours Ago 5:24 PM
    it basically is a mono geo team just with shinobu thrown in lmao. Have u done the drumming event or the chasm mines one? Tryna see if I can speed through both today before they end
  3. gimmepie
    2 Days Ago 5:35 PM
    They both pair well with Gorou... well every Geo does haha. You can do a legit really good full Geo team.
  4. .hack
    2 Days Ago 1:22 PM
    her, Itto & Gorou are the new ones I'm investing in then was probably just gonna throw in another Geo I've already invested into like Zhongli or Ningguang!
  5. gimmepie
    3 Days Ago 6:15 PM
    I mean, when her skill is up it heals over time as well as doing electro damage. What team did you have in mind?
  6. .hack
    3 Days Ago 11:42 AM
    I didn't know she was meant to be support, the team I wanna make with her is abit of a franken missmatch
  7. gimmepie
    3 Days Ago 7:31 AM
    Playing her test run is like "are you sure she's a support?" lmao
  8. .hack
    3 Days Ago 5:42 AM
    I'm not a big fan of Shinobu's English voice but I love her design and the way she plays!
  9. gimmepie
    4 Days Ago 4:19 PM
    Me too haha
    Not going for Itto/Shinobu is hurting. Itto is just a really fun character and Shinobu is mechanically really fun even if her personality is lacking.
  10. .hack
    4 Days Ago 1:32 PM
    Ty! I hope he does come back so you can go for him!
  11. gimmepie
    6 Days Ago 11:50 PM
    I don't think he's been officially confirmed but there's been a lot of chatter so he seems imminent. Good luck!
  12. .hack
    6 Days Ago 11:06 PM
    Fair enough! Is he confirmed now? I'm gonna go abit further to try and get Shinobu!
  13. gimmepie
    6 Days Ago 4:32 PM
    I'm not pulling on this banner. I'm scarily close to pity and want to save up for Kazuha haha.
  14. .hack
    6 Days Ago 2:29 PM
    I got Itto! No Shinobu tho and used all my gems lmao, so happy I finally got him tho! Literally first started Genshin on his first banner and tried so hard to get him then also!
  15. gimmepie
    2 Weeks Ago 4:22 AM
    That's wild.