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  1. ReKoil
    3 Days Ago 10:06 AM
    You sound like you need hugs yourself, so:

  2. Ash Ketchup
    3 Days Ago 8:47 AM
    Ash Ketchup
    That pain sounds absolutely terrible 😱


    But I'm so glad to hear you're ok and feeling better! 😊
  3. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 2:48 AM
    'Just' a dental issue. One of my fillings was loose and caused me three days of blistering agony (like someone was continuously stabbing me in my jaw/gums) starting Tuesday last week. Then Friday the pain suddenly eased up considerably. I was taking painkillers like skittles up to that point xD As for the weekend after that I pretty much just napped all the way through to catch up on lost sleeps (basically pulled like 2 hours of sleep a night during those days, so had some catching up to do).
    Anyway, had the dentist today. Was just a piece of the filling that broke off, the rest was still intact, so she just 'drilled away' (probably not the right wording) the small bit that got exposed.
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday were definitely not fun. Decided Thursday to just focus on pain management and turtle up to ride it out like I usually do when in physical pain. I already noticed Wednesday I was lacking focus from lack of sleep when I did my normally daily PC round, so I figured I'd just leave PC be till I was not so sleep deprived anymore. I pretty much just lounged on the couch all day the entire week outside of still working half-days.
    So, apologies for the sudden p00f. But I was focusing on riding this out. next to no pain now (more of an irritation than actual pain at this point tbh) and back to my normal levels of only light sleep deprivation xD
  4. Ash Ketchup
    1 Week Ago 2:47 PM
    Ash Ketchup
    Hope everything's going well for you my friend 😊
  5. ReKoil
    2 Weeks Ago 6:29 AM
    *crosses fingers for Ash to persevere and sends additional hugs*

  6. Ash Ketchup
    2 Weeks Ago 4:00 AM
    Ash Ketchup
    It does kinda seem like fate doesn't it!!!

    I've not been very well tbh, some ongoing medical stuff has really been kicking my derriere the last few days. I just can't seem to fight it like I normally can right now. Ty for the hugs! <3
  7. ReKoil
    2 Weeks Ago 10:17 AM
    Hope you're just being kept busy and it's nothing serious, but your absence in FG is highly noticeable.... so, *hugs* just to be safe =3
  8. ReKoil
    2 Weeks Ago 12:52 PM
    Me & Cooler doing Kabutops was almost as if I was being green-lit to go do it by something. Not a firm believer of fate, but that was one heck of a coincidence xD

    Like, I noted down when the 3 months would have passed. It was near the end of the month so I was just like, let's just finish the month and do it on the first of September, what's a couple more days.
    I go to the VPP section to go make the inactive tag request and see the news announcement. I was gonna poke cooler for a Relicanth since fossils couldn't Tag Team, and Relicanth is nicknamed the 'Living Fossil' in some PokeDex entry. Figured it was a pretty good substitute. Then I saw the announcement and was just like 'okay scrap that I'm poking him for Kabutops now' xD
  9. ReKoil
    2 Weeks Ago 12:45 PM
    Well, I do want to raise an Alolan Sandslash and a Galarian Darmanitan at some point since I'm attempting to obtain all Ice types.
    I don't see either in your stats. We don't need to do em now though.
    I definitely do need to raise me a Galar Rapidash at some point, which I feel could be a good Tag for us (I feel fairly confident we both love it). I don't see it in you stats either. If you wanna do this one I'm basically buying a stone right away xD

    There are definitely also normal mons we could raise that I do not see in your stats (hopefully didn't overlook them.... glared through your boxes multiple times xD):
    Delibird, Girafarig, Grumpig, Florges, Medicham, Meowstic, Musharna.
    If you don't mind NFE's we could also raise an Amaura (I already have an Aurorus yes, but Amaura is so dang cute I kinda want both xD) or any NFE form of the mons above ^.^

    This is all still future talk ofc. Just listing options for the future ^.^
    Maybe you see something of interest 😉
  10. Ash Ketchup
    2 Weeks Ago 2:18 PM
    Ash Ketchup
    We don't need to do a stone VPP unless you want to, I'm sure we could find something I haven't got!

    If you did wanna raise a stone Pokémon then I've only done about 2 Alolan and zero Galarian so far!

    I think Caite is still doing Alolan Ninetales so I'm not available right now! You and Cooler doing Kabutops is one of the best team ups yet btw :)
  11. ReKoil
    2 Weeks Ago 2:00 PM
    Well I have enough points for either a Galar or Alola stone.
    Also got the G-max band so could by a candy too.
    just mentioning it as it will probably expand the options for what we could potentially raise that you don't already have ^.^
    Though that's still gonna be a bit away as we are now both in active Tags =3
    (iirc you were still in an active Tag Team)

    I just thought I'd poke cooler first to drag him further into the VPP rabbithole 😈
  12. Ash Ketchup
    2 Weeks Ago 1:51 PM
    Ash Ketchup
    Yes, yes we do! Been thinking that for ages!
  13. ReKoil
    2 Weeks Ago 1:22 PM
    Hi Ash!
    Just poking you to say you and me need to team up for a tag too some time.... =3
  14. Ash Ketchup
    July 9th, 2021 3:47 AM
    Ash Ketchup
    I actually messed up two of the first four!

    I had the correct answers, for the right reasons, then convinced myself they were actually way more elaborate and complicated, so I went with something else!!! ;-)
  15. ReKoil
    July 6th, 2021 6:59 AM
    I see your doing the Daily Puzzles from the Get Together too =)
    We also both messed up on the first one lol.
    I seriously misinterpreted it xD
    I thought the picture was like, showing leavanny AFTER it went and trimmed furfrou. And with ditto being bad at it, it got bit by the furfrou so the banged up one was false xD 😂